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This app allows you to listen to music without internet on the iPhone

We have just found an application in the App Store that allows us to listen to music without internet, totally free. A highly sought after functionality and to which we are responding today.

Many of you have always asked us about applications to listen to free music. We have already told you about several apps for this, but we needed to answer another of the questions you asked us. Find an app to listen to music without having to be connected to the internet. Today we are talking about a fantastic tool that we have found in the App Store.

Its name is «Music XM internet connection» and it has a large number of positive reviews. This is one of the reasons why we decided to give it a try. We are Spotify users and that need has never been presented to us, but seeing that many of you do have it, here is this review.

App to listen to music without internet

We leave the link to download the app at the end of this article. A free app that allows us to listen to any song, download it and even generate our own music lists.

Accepting the permissions that it asks us, when listening to a song, it is downloaded directly to our iPhone. All the songs we listen to will be downloaded and we can listen to them without spending mobile data. In addition, we can also hear them with the iPhone locked.

The application is a bit overwhelming at first because it is not known where each option is, the songs that have been downloaded ... but after using it for a few minutes you will see that you get the hang of it right away. It is an app that we have loved.

It is free but it is capped since it has a limit of songs and lists to download. If you want to remove the limit and stop seeing ads, it has a Premium version that, by paying a monthly fee, removes everything we have told you about. This is something that we do not see very logical since for the price that is paid, we can, perfectly, pay a subscription to Spotify.

It also has very interesting search and exploration functions ... and it allows us to access the lyrics of all the songs we want to listen to.

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