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This trick allows you to get better WiFi in Windows 10

Wi-Fi connections have become part of our lives. Nowadays, all of us who have an Internet connection at home have a Wi-Fi router that allows us to connect wirelessly from a laptop, a console, the TV or from our smartphone, itself

However, since always, these connections have not stood out for being precisely stable and fast, and the problems, especially as we move away from the router, skyrocket.

Windows, like any other operating system, is prepared to allow us to connect to Wi-Fi networks. In addition, as it has its own generic drivers, all we need is to connect any network card (internal or external) to see the available networks and connect to ours.

However, for energy saving reasons, it is easy that Windows has limited the power of our network card. And this is one of the most common reasons why we can find signal or speed problems. Luckily, it's very easy to change these settings to get the most out of Wi-Fi.

Adjust Wi-Fi network card power usage

To configure the power consumption of the Windows 10 network card, the first thing we must do is open the device manager. To do this, we right-click on the Start menu and select that option.

In the list of devices connected to the PC, what we have to do is locate the network card of our computer. Once located, we click on it with the right mouse button to open the "Properties" window, where we will find all the details of the controller.

In this window that will appear, we must locate the section "Advanced options". In it we will find all the additional configuration options of the network card. Here we must look for a section related to energy use (it varies in name depending on the card model) and we will configure it to use the maximum energy, that is, for maximum performance.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that this function is not available for all models. Therefore, we may not find it. And, in that case, there is little we can do in this regard.

Other tips to improve the wireless connection in Windows

The above trick may be useful to us, but it will not do wonders either. What we will achieve with this is to get more signal, and thanks to this we can improve stability, especially when we have the network too far away. But we will not gain much speed. And, if it was already configured in performance mode, then we will have no room for improvement.

If we continue to have problems with our Wi-Fi, we can try to update the computer drivers to improve the operation of the network card. If the card is integrated (for example, in the case of laptops), we can improve its performance by updating the chipset drivers. If it is independent, we must look for the latest version of the manufacturer, download it and install it. Activating the "high performance" mode in the Windows 10 power options can also help us improve our Internet signal.

If our card is too old, we can also consider changing for a newer and more powerful network card. We must remember that the 5 GHz network offers more speed at short distances, but the 2.4 GHz network has greater coverage, but lower speed. We must choose the one that best suits our needs according to the moment.

Date update on 2021-06-04. Date published on 2021-06-04. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone