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Tor Browser has been tracking you using installed programs

Navigating the web while maintaining security and privacy is increasingly difficult. For this reason, there are users who resort to browsers specially designed for this purpose, such as Tor Browser, so that they can preserve their security and anonymity in the best possible way.

But there is no invulnerable software. And, although this browser promises to protect our security and privacy, if we are not careful and carry out some basic maintenance tasks, we may be putting ourselves in danger.

Tor Browser is a popular web browser designed with security and privacy in mind above all. This is the official browser for Tor Project, and it is one of the easiest ways to connect to the Tor network and browse the Deep Web without leaving a trace. Or at least that's what the users who connect to it expect.

A bug allows users to be tracked using Tor Browser

Last May, the FingerprintJS firm discovered a vulnerability in this browser that can allow any platform to track users who connect to the Internet with Tor Browser through the programs installed on the PC.

To do this, all the crawl script has to do is create a profile for the user based on the applications installed on the computer. And, in order to identify them, all you have to do is try to launch from it the links such as zoommtg: // that allow websites to open certain programs. If the link shows the program's execution window, it is assumed that the program is installed on the PC.

The trace script can try to open a large number of programs and, depending on which are or are not installed on the PC, create a unique ID for the user. This ID can also be used to track other browsers, such as Google Chrome, Edge, Tor Browser, Firefox or Safari.

Considering that users use the Tor network to hide their identity and IP, this security problem is serious. And not only that, but if the data is crossed with another browser, for example, Chrome, the user's IP can be known.

Changes and download of Tor Browser 10.0.18

Without a doubt, the most important change in this new version 10.0.18 is the change in the default configuration. From now on, Tor Browser will no longer open program-bound URIs automatically. This prevents tracking scripts from using this technique to spy on users.

In addition, this new version also includes several updated components and other fixes, such as:

  • Tor updated to version
  • Fenix updated to version 89.1.1.
  • NoScript updated to version 11.2.8.
  • 9 bugs and bugs fixed in the browser version for Android.

If we want to safely navigate the Internet, or connect to the Tor network, we can download the new version of the browser from this link. We remember that Tor Browser is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, and all versions are totally free

Date update on 2021-06-24. Date published on 2021-06-24. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone