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Turn on text suggestions when typing in Windows 10

On Android, when we write anywhere, the usual thing is to receive text suggestions as we write. These suggestions are usually located above the virtual keyboard and it saves many of us a lot of time and clicks and avoids a stream of errors.

In Windows 10 we have a very similar function, but it is not usually activated by default unless you have a touch screen. Even without a touch screen, many may find it useful and practical to have that text suggestion feature. We can use it to complete words without having to write them all or even as a good spell checker. The advantage of this function is that it works everywhere we write.

Let's see now how to activate and deactivate this interesting function in Windows.

We access the Windows configuration panel. As you know, it is click on the Start button and then on the cogwheel icon.

Then click on the Devices option

In the corresponding section, we select the Writing option in the side menu.

In the central panel we navigate to the Hardware keyboard section.

There we activate the text suggestion selector

We can even activate the automatic corrector, although it does not always work correctly.

From now on, every time we write something wherever it is, we will see a box with suggestions, in the style of how we could find in Android.

Not only does it make word suggestions, but emoticons will be included in the cases that warrant it. It takes as a library of emoticons the one that Windows itself has.

As we already said, we can use the suggestions to help us avoid spelling errors

As it is not an option activated by default in most cases and on top of it it is in an unintuitive section for many users, it goes unnoticed.

It may not always and not everyone, but it could be a help in many scenarios.

Date update on 2021-03-31. Date published on 2021-03-31. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: blog-conocimientoadictivo