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Video formats compatible with movies and tv applications in windows 10

Films & TV (formerly known as Movies & TV) is one of dozens of applications offered with Windows 10.

Although the Films & TV application is intended for renting and purchasing movies and TV shows from the Windows Store, the application can also be used to view local videos.

All TV episodes and movies that you purchased from the Windows Store appear in the Films & TV application. The Films & TV application supports downloading of HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition) quality videos. The movies or TV shows you purchased can be viewed on a TV, PC or tablet, but when you rent a movie or TV show, it can only be viewed on the device for which it was rented.

While there are better apps as well as classic desktop programs available with a wide range of features for playing video files on Windows 10, many of you might want to use the Files & TV app to watch movies and videos saved on your PC.

Obviously, the Files & TV application does not support all the video file formats supported by some popular video players like VLC or GOM. That said, the Films & TV app supports a handful of commonly used file formats.

The following are the file formats supported by the Files & TV app in Windows 10:

  • # .3gpp
  • # .mp4
  • # .m4v
  • # .avi
  • # .mov
  • # .3g2
  • # .3gp2
  • # .asf
  • # .wmv
  • # .m2ts

The above file formats are compatible with the current version of the Files & TV application, which is 3.6.2144 and may be different in future versions

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