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What can I do if Windows 10 crashes every so often on my PC

Largely due to the enormous complexity of an operating system such as Windows 10, the faults that we can find in it are many. There are more or less serious, but most are a nuisance. This happens for example when Windows 10 crashes and we are not clear about the reason for all this

It is true that everything that is related to the locks of an operating system, are a quite important problem. This is something that to a greater or lesser extent most of us have suffered in Windows on occasion, and it is certainly a nuisance. In addition, this is something that is substantially aggravated if we need to use the computer at that moment, either for work or more personal reasons.

The problem here is that these blocks can occur for a multitude of different reasons, so there are several solutions we can take as well. Well, all this is what we want to talk about in these same lines. In this way we are going to try to be of help in the event that you are experiencing constant crashes on your Windows 10-based computer.

Reasons why Windows 10 crashes

As we mentioned, the reasons why these annoying problems can occur on the Windows PC are several. Some caused by the operating system itself, others by third-party applications, by a hardware component, or even by ourselves. Now we are going to show you some of the most common if necessary and that have been occurring over the years.

Issues with updates

As a general rule, users update their computers with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system. These are key elements when it comes to receiving the latest news released by Redmond, in addition to patching security holes. But despite its importance, something we do from Windows Update, on many occasions they see that their system hangs and does not respond when updating.

In fact, this is one of the great complaints of millions of users of the operating system over the years. And no matter how many efforts the Redmond do here, they can't quite figure it out.

Attacks with viruses and malicious code

Another of the most common causes of these locks that we can find in Windows 10, is due to some type of attack with malware. These can arrive at any time through the Internet, by an email attachment, on a USB memory that we connect, etc. In addition, these malicious codes are increasingly complex, so they can cause problems of all kinds.

How could it be otherwise, these can cause the dreaded system crashes, since they attack all kinds of hardware and software components.

Windows crashes by third-party applications

It goes without saying that in the operating system, over time we install a huge number of programs. Some are more popular than others, but there are some that can cause certain incompatibilities. This, as you can imagine, sometimes translates into Windows crashes that we are talking about in these same lines. An example is the installation of more than one antivirus on the same computer, or somewhat specific and little-known programs that are not as good as you might expect.

Incompatibility with hardware components

As with the programs that we talked about before that we added to Windows, this also happens with the hardware that we install on the PC. Perhaps this is one of the easiest reasons to solve, since the blockages due to incompatibilities with hardware, usually occur as soon as the device is started.

For example, if we connect an external disk, or a camera to the PC, and suddenly it begins to suffer crashes in Windows, the reason for all this is quite clear. In addition to this we can add the blockages that the drivers of these problematic components can also sometimes produce.

Possible solutions if Windows 10 crashes

In the same way that it happens with the reasons why the operating system can crash, the solutions that we can use are also varied. Next we will talk about some of the most effective in this sense for when our Windows PC suffers sporadic or constant crashes.

In this way, in the event that we do not know exactly what caused them, we can try some of the solutions that we will present to you now.

Update Windows to its latest version

Although sometimes new updates are the cause of Windows 10 crashes, it is recommended in most cases, is to install them. In fact Microsoft tries to do everything possible so that Windows 10 stays updated with the sending of them. These correct errors or security problems and bring us the latest news. They usually arrive automatically through Windows Update, in the Settings application.

We access it with the Win + I key combination, to locate ourselves in Updates and security. Therefore, if we suffer a crash problem on our computer, a system update could solve it.

Go back to a previous version of the system

But if the opposite happens, that is, as soon as Windows updates the dreaded locks begin to occur, we can try to take a step back. With this, what we want to tell you is that in these specific cases, we can return to the previous version by eliminating the new update. For this, what we have to do is reopen the Settings application as we mentioned before.

Once in the new window that appears, we have to go to the Update and security / Windows Update / View update history / Uninstall updates section. Now we just have to look for the most recent one and delete it from the computer.

Update system drivers

We have already mentioned before that one of the most common causes for which we can suffer blockages in the system, is due to some hardware component or its drivers. While the first option is to remove that problematic device, we can still try to update its drivers.

And we must know that the blockage may be caused by an old driver of any of the components installed on the computer. The best we can do is also update these drivers to their latest version. For this we have to access the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu. Once in the window that appears, we recommend you click on each of the hardware components with the right button and click on the Update driver option.

Run the troubleshooter in Windows

On the other hand, we can also use a function built into Windows itself to solve problems. It is the so-called Windows troubleshooter that we also access from the Settings application. For example we have the possibility of, in the search box, write Solve.

Then we will see that the function Check the status of the equipment and solve the problems appears. Therefore to finish here we will have more to follow the wizard that appears so that the system tries to solve the blocking error.

Reset Windows 10 if it crashes

It may be the case that none of these options that we have mentioned, solve the blocking problems. Therefore we also have the option to reinstall Windows 10, that is, to reset our computer. This is something that from the configuration options that Microsoft offers us, we can easily achieve it. To do this, all we have to do is reopen Settings and go to Update and security / Recovery.

Here we already find the option to Reset this PC. Next we find a new window in which we can choose if we want to keep our files and applications, or delete everything to reinstall Windows 10.

Windows 10 crashes even in Safe Mode

The main goal of Safe Mode Windows Safe Mode is to solve Windows problems by starting only essential services and processes. But sometimes we can find that Windows crashes even when we start in Safe Mode. So if we are faced with this problem, let's see some things we can do to fix it.

First of all, we can take advantage of the automatic repair function. For this we need to start Windows with the Advanced Startup options, which will allow us to start Windows from an external device and change the Windows startup configuration. Next we have to boot the system with its installation media or with a recovery unit and select Repair the computer.

After that we go to Troubleshooting and in Advanced Options we open a Command Prompt window. Now we can use CMD to execute commands and recover or repair Windows.

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