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What games do you hope to see at E3 2021

E3 is the ideal time to learn more about those video games that were announced a while ago and it is time for companies to provide more details about them. For this reason, in the newsroom we have met to tell you which are the games that we most look forward to. What are yours?

The countdown to E3 2021 has begun, and at 3DJuegos we are already making our particular bets. On this occasion we have met to let you know which of the games already announced are the ones we are most looking forward to, something that will surely serve as a quick guide on what we can expect from this new edition of the fair. And we give you a preview: there are many. Although we do not rule out important absences (they always happen), it would be rare that some of those proposed here do not have a minimum appearance.

The E3 fair is an appointment to get excited about unexpected bombings (as we will tell you in this video by the way), but also to learn more about the upcoming releases. In addition, this year will be special, because the Los Angeles event opens to all users without exception in an innovative and promising digital event. We will of course be there to accompany you and offer you all the information about announcements and playable demos.

That said: what are the video games that you hope to know more information about, with new gameplays or even demos that you can play on your platforms? Do you share the preferences of our editors? Tell us in the comments which titles you hope to see and which ones you have more doubts that may have a leading role in this event. We read in the forum!

Final Fantasy XVI

We can argue whether Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy XV is better or worse, but what admits little debate is the colossal work behind Final Fantasy XIV. Those of us who have been able to play it know that its story, its way of telling it, its world and its characters are wonderful; but also that it is an MMORPG. Final Fantasys XVI takes the spirit of this game and combines it with the combat of the latest single-player games in the franchise. The result is a huge adventure, classic in its concept but modern in its systems, and that has everything we want from this saga. Long live Naoki Yoshida.

Metroid Prime 4

It will sound like the usual. "I do not know which one to choose", "there are so many so expected, that it is impossible". And it is my case. Actually, I have a hard time deciding on one or the other, but among all those bombshells that we've yearned for for years there is one that drives me crazy, and it's Metroid Prime 4. I need to see it in action the hell of a time. I want to see what Retro Studios surprises us with after so many years of silence. I love the GameCube original, I was blown away by the Wii game, and I long for a remastering of the original trilogy that makes the wait more bearable. But above all, I want to see that new Metroid Prime that has to serve to show the full potential of Nintendo Switch. I want impossible worlds, a masterfully designed setting, new weapons, new enemies… and that incredible feeling of being lost, alone, in hostile land.


I think that, in the face of the avalanche of rumors in recent weeks, and in the face of the unknown Elden Ring, Starfield has become one of the games I most want to see at E3. Not only for its sci-fi adventure approach, but also; but because of what this game means. On the one hand, it is the first new license for Bethesda Game Studios since Fallout 3 and, if we consider that this saga was already established, then since the first The Elder Scrolls. It comes with all the pressure of not just being a next-gen title, but a graphics engine change and a lot of mechanics that will probably also guess the future of The Elder Scrolls VI. And we go with the most difficult one still: it will also serve to show that philosophy of Todd Howard about open worlds, which he says must be more reactive than great. For all these reasons, I consider Starfield not only a game that I am looking forward to, but one with the potential to define the modern video game.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Being a brand of sword and witchcraft role-playing, it is still striking how well the games in The Elder Scrolls saga sell. And there is a reason, they are brilliant and immersive like few others, and they perfectly understand their open world as a succession of little stories that work well independently. A decade ago from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and we have to see what they have done during all this time in the playable and in the narrative, but also in the technological. It's not just that it's the game that I most want to see at E3 2021, it's that I think Microsoft is going to show it. I think that of all the brands that Bethesda has (and that are not exactly few) it is the great standard-bearer. I think that, with an investment of 4,500 million dollars to buy the company, it is time for the North American company to make a muscle, show a cinematic trailer that reveals the name of the new installment and set the year in which we will have back my favorite medieval RPG saga.

Ubisoft Star Wars

A few months ago we learned that the Ubisoft Massive team would be in charge of the development of a new title in the Star Wars saga. With the people of The Division behind them, and Ubisoft's experience in creating open worlds full of things to do, it is time to find out what the approach that the Swedes will take to the George Lucas universe. I am not expecting too much, I am aware of the still early stage of development, but at least I would like to see enough to remove the bug and clear the doubts in my head. What I am completely sure of is that the coverage system and equipment improvements that characterized The Division 2 will be very present, being something from which much can be taken advantage of, more doubts remain with the story, in the one that would be appreciated to see a plot arc prior to the proposal of the films.

The Elders Scrolls VI

The logical thing would be for me to choose a Star Wars title. But for once I want to put the galactic fan aside so that as a player I can settle accounts with Bethesda. And it is that it already touches.

In fact, I think he has been playing for several years. Little consolation was that Bethesda confirmed the development of the game in 2018, when it was an open secret that the franchise would receive a new installment. Since then, very little information has mitigated the fans' cravings for the series. I do not stop comforting myself loaded one mod after another in the fireproof Skyrim, fantasizing about a similar game but bigger, more dynamic and more attractive, with the same depth, ability to surprise and amuse. At this point I consider it impossible that this year a date of, ha!, Launch is confirmed, and I also do not have high hopes of seeing "gameplay", but knowing at least the name of the game, and with it the Tamriel area, protagonist of the sixth chapter, it is a debt that Bethesda has owed to its fans for far too long. Now it's time.

Cyberpunk 2077

For me, the Cyberpunk 2077 game doesn't exist yet. It did not exist before its launch because I chose not to be attentive to the marketing campaign, or the videos, or the articles. However, I think I got to play a couple of hours that did exist and that did leave me wanting something more. Unfortunately, that something else is not what the title had at the time, so I decided to wait. And I'm still waiting for CD Projekt to finish the game and fine-tune and round out the experience just the way they originally wanted. I think Cyberpunk deserves it and I think that gamers deserve to live the tremendous story that they say it has in the best way.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

I have serious doubts about whether Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be ready for a release towards the end of 2021, but even so I think Nintendo will take the opportunity to offer information about what for me is its most important video game in the short and medium term for Nintendo Switch. . The first installment surprised us with an open world full of freedom, and now what I hope is all that I mentioned in a report. That is to say, that everything that already exists expands with a greater emphasis on the plot, the traditional dungeons and the final bosses. With the base already polished, Eiji Aonuma, Hidemaro Fujibayashi and company only need a push to find an even better game than the last installment ... And that is already a challenge!

Halo Infinite

It is the most anticipated game of Xbox Series X | S and, not only that, but it probably marks a good part of the next evolution of Microsoft's next-generation console. After a premiere with the left foot, if anyone can take flight it is Halo Infinite. As we are seeing in the monthly reports of 343 Industries, the studio is working on solving the technical aspects, providing the game with an environment full of places that leave us speechless while squeezing the hardware of the console. A long-term project that will arrive at the end of this year and that will make many players, remembering the slogan of Xbox 360, take “the leap” with the adventures of the Master Chief and his multiplayer proposal.

Bayonetta 3

It is clear that we are all facing the problem of having to choose only one video game, but you have to get wet. In my case, I choose Bayonetta 3. I am one of the fans who are looking forward to the new game in the series and to be able to control our beloved protagonist again. It's rare for Nintendo to announce their video games so far in advance, although we have several examples on Nintendo Switch. Without a doubt, knowing that Bayonetta 3 has been in development since the console was launched causes additional pain, because it has literally been 4 years of absolutely nothing. The only thing we've had has been isolated statements from good old Hideki Kamiya and the hint that this year we will have more news of the game. I sincerely hope that we can see it in this E3 2021, with a release date under his arm. I have every confidence in PlatinumGames and that we will like the game. I'm just asking you for a slightly longer story, but for now I'm content to see it in motion.

Elden ring

Personally, I have already experienced my little E3 with the announcement of Victoria 3 by Paradox in its annual event, but there are still many great names to highlight that I hope to see during one of the big conferences. The second installment of Breath of the Wild, or what Bethesda is up to with Starfield are two great examples. However, among all these names, the one that resonates the most with me is, possibly, Elden Ring. Miyazaki's next work draws my attention due to the uncertainty it generates in me what the vision of a creative as a Japanese teacher will be like in an environment with as much juice as the one in the title, as well as the personalities that have been involved in its development. . There's a desire for more dark fantasy, and I can't think of a better candidate than Elden Ring.

The 30th Anniversary Sonic

If there is a classic video game series with irregular results, it is the one starring Sonic the Hedgehog. As soon as SEGA signs a masterpiece, as it launches a product that falters on all four sides. In any case, 2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Sonic, so I am hopeful that SEGA will present a project at the height of such an anniversary. Obviously I'm not talking about Olympic adventures with your old arch nemesis, or kart racing, or mobile experiments. I am referring to a great Sonic, one of those who leave their mark, those who for a moment manage to re-float their seguero pride. The precedent of Sonic Mania remains. Hopefully something along those lines.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

When asked to choose a single game for the special, Diablo IV and Halo Infinite immediately came to mind. But do you know what happens? That more or less anyone can get the idea of what those two games are like. There are many others that I have in my head all the time and about which we do not know much. Elden Ring, Everwild, Ubisoft's Star Wars, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. I stick with that last one because I have a mixture of excitement and fear to see how Game Freak is guiding the future of the series, which is being said soon. We fans of pocket monsters have been frowning for a few years, so it's time for those in charge to hit the table and clear up doubts. I trust Rare, I trust FromSoftware and I even trust Blizzard. But with Arceus, I need to see more to be calm. And I need it now.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

The announcement of the Hogwarts Legacy delay to 2022 left me quite cold a few weeks ago. It was clear to him that, whatever happened in his development, he would go through the box to return to the most famous school of magic and sorcery in the world. And is not for less. Despite being one of the most profitable IPs in film history, in videogames its success still resists reaching beyond the early-century adaptations of its films, videogames that I still enjoy from time to time since my Game Boy Color, where EA gave us two interesting turn-based RPGs. Now Avalanche Software is challenged to design the most ambitious video game in the franchise, as well as deliver a new story that continues to expand its world of magic. Will it succeed? E3 2021 is a good place to start showing your promises.

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