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What is content curation

Content curation is a basic activity within online marketing. However, not everyone is clear about what exactly it is about, and this technique is often confused with others.

For example, retweeting the content of another account is not curating content, nor is publishing a headline and a link to a certain article written by someone else on social media. It is a much more complex discipline that you have to know how to handle well to obtain the best results.

If you have social networks to publicize your business, you will have already realized how difficult it is to find good information to share. Because you cannot dedicate your channels to be advertising you all the time, since this scares the audience. And the same goes for a blog.

What users are looking for when they follow a brand or a professional is to directly access valuable content. That is, they follow you because they know that you can contribute something to them. And to do it well, you must assume the role of content curator or leave this task in the hands of an expert.

Content curation involves making a selection of relevant information that is already published, filtering it, organizing it, adding additional value to it, and sharing it with the public.

As we said before, it is not enough to share the content of others. We ourselves must work on that information and give it a new form.

For example, if your business is dedicated to a healthy life and sports practice and you know that now there is a lot of interest in practicing sports with a mask, you can look for quality information on this subject and with all of it prepare an article that collects all aspects that can worry people. Once you have it ready, you post it on your blog and share it on social networks.

Curating content is not plagiarizing the work of others, but using content that has already been published to create unique and original content that has added value for your audience

What advantages does it have

Improve web positioning

Once you know what quality web content is and what topics are relevant, you can show Google that you are up to date on topics that interest your audience. If you also work well on SEO, you will get your website to climb positions in the search results ranking.

Improve social media marketing

All the new content that you create for your website or blog can be shared on social networks, so it helps you attract more potential customers in them and increase the reach of your brand.

Create brand image

By curating content, you create information with a high added value that is impossible to find elsewhere. This makes you a reference for those who are interested in the topic or topics you deal with on your website. In this way, you gradually generate a brand image that will help you get new customers and retain the ones you already have.

It makes the work easier

The more quality information you collect, the easier it will be for you to create new content for your website or your blog. In addition, by reading new things you will continue to learn and specialize in that subject in which you want to excel.

Phases of content curation

Before entering fully into the process to curate content, you must be clear that the first thing to do is define the objectives. What exactly are you looking for when carrying out this marketing work? Do you want to educate your audience, show yourself as an expert, improve your reputation?

Having clear objectives will make it much easier for you to tackle the rest of the process, in which you will have to follow the next steps.

Look for relevant information

On practically any subject you can find a lot of information online. Make sure that the information you collect is of interest to develop the content, that it is truthful and that it is up-to-date.

The more you go through the research process, the easier it will be to find reliable sources.

Filter the information

Review well all the data you have and select those that can help you develop a specific text. Then organize them to create a meaningful structure.

Add value

Now that you have the information more or less structured, it is time to bring out your copywriting skills and give it added value. Something that makes the resulting text much better than the rest of the texts that may be online on that topic.

Spread the content

Lastly, disseminate the content in every possible way and make sure to measure the results well to see if you are closer to achieving your goals. If so, congratulations, you have done well

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