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What is Engagement for in marketing and strategies to increase it?

In the online world there is a lot of talk about engagement in marketing and the good results that companies and professionals can obtain if they work well.

As is normal, the objective of your business is to sell more products or services, and for this you have to resort to marketing and advertising techniques. Now, what good is so much effort if we only manage to sell one product or service to each client?

This question is being asked by more and more companies. Because getting clients costs a lot of time, money and effort. If each new customer only makes one purchase, the return on investment is very low or practically nil (except in the case of high-priced products or services).

What companies need today is to retain their audience. That the same customers come back to buy again and again, because this does really increase profitability. And for this we have the engagement marketing strategies.

What is engagement? A literal translation of this term tells us that it means "commitment", and that is exactly what we are talking about. It is the ability of the brand to engage its audience and build loyalty in the long term.

What is engagement for and why is it so important?

In an increasingly competitive market, creating engagement has become a way to gain competitive advantage. Because a brand that has the confidence of having loyal followers knows that it always has a certain degree of guaranteed profitability.

You don't have to focus 100 percent of your business on finding new customers. Divide your efforts between finding new customers and building loyalty to the existing one. Thus, even if new customers take time to arrive, they continue to sell to old ones.

On the other hand, getting the loyalty of the public means having it easier when introducing new products or services to the market, because a large part of those loyal customers will be willing to try them. Thus, the possibility of success is greater.

And there is still one more reason to work on customer engagement with the company. If your business manages to retain them, they will become the best brand ambassadors. They will not hesitate to recommend her to their closest circle and will also speak well of her online.

How can you measure engagement

You can get engagement on social networks and through other channels, but it is essential that you know how to measure it well to see if all your efforts are having the expected reward.

There is no single way to measure it, but it depends on the specific objectives you want to achieve. Thus, you can measure it according to the number of repeated visits you receive on the web, the repetition of purchases by the same customers, time spent on the page in each visit, etc.

Effective strategies to increase engagement

Don't limit yourself to social media

Network engagement is the most common, but in the case of your business you shouldn't just limit yourself to it. Take advantage of all the tools and channels that you have at your disposal.

It is true that through social networks your brand can establish a direct interaction with followers, but do not neglect other options such as your business blog. An online blog is an excellent platform to do inbound marketing and gain the trust of users to turn them into customers and, later, into loyal customers.

Also the design and functionality of your website influence when it comes to getting engagement. If the user finds it difficult to navigate, does not find what he is looking for, or you do not have the payment method that he is interested in, the most likely thing is that he will not buy from you again in the future.

Practice active listening

To build trust you must show your audience that you really care about their opinion, so your business should practice active listening.

The opinions of those who have already bought your products or services are good feedback that will help you make decisions about things that you should change. In case you do not receive information, what you can do directly is ask users for their opinion. They will like very much to know that you are interested in what they think and will respond well to your request.

Respond to your audience

Although engagement and advertising are related, this is not about throwing the message and forgetting about it. Comments from your followers may appear in each of your post on social networks or your articles on the blog, do not forget to reply to them. This is a simple and effective way to earn their trust.

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