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What is it and how to get a good reputation online

The better your reputation on the internet, the more profitable your activity will be.

What is online reputation

It is made up of all that set of characteristics that refer to the prestige of a brand. Put more simply, it's what others think about your business.

Since there may be positive and negative opinions about your products or services and your way of working, it is clear that what interests you is that the image transmitted is the best possible.

Why you should take care of your online reputation

Word of mouth works very well in offline businesses, which makes satisfied customers recommend a certain company or professional to others. And this is precisely what we are looking for when working on online reputation.

If this concept is so important it is because in order for our business to stand out from the competition we must get consumers to see something in it that they will not find anywhere else.

On the internet, customers have thousands of options to choose from if they want to buy a product or acquire a service. This means that the factors they take into account when making their purchase decision are increasingly broad.

Although there are still those who believe that the only way to compete is through price, this is not the case. What consumers do before buying is to look for information and, in most cases, they tend to choose the business that has a better reputation.

This means that if your company has a good reputation, it will be easier for you to sell more. On the other hand, a good reputation allows you to sell your products or services at a higher price than the competition without this being an obstacle for your potential clients, who will be willing to pay a little more if they know that, in return, they are going to get a higher quality product or service

How can reputation be measured on the internet

One of the characteristics of online reputation is that it can be measured. In fact, having information about what the image that a brand is transmitting is essential to make strategic marketing decisions.

The variety of data that you can collect and analyze is very wide, but we recommend that you pay special attention to the following:

Volume of mentions

It tells you the number of times your business is named in the online environment. It goes without saying that the more mentions, the better the reputation. But do not trust yourself, an excess of mentions can also be due to a crisis, so be aware of what is being said about your brand.

Share Of Voice (SOV)

It indicates the place of participation of users according to the origin of the mentions to your business. So you can know if they talk more about you on social networks, on blogs, in forums, etc.

Scope of mentions

It can only be measured on some platforms such as Twitter, but it allows you to get an idea of ​​the potential number of people who have reached the comments that contain some mention of your business.

There are many ways to measure all these factors, but you have specific tools like social media statistics, Klout or Radian6.

How to improve online reputation

Now that you know what online reputation is, it is time for you to consider how to improve your business.

Know your audience

You may have already realized that when it comes to online marketing, the starting point of any strategy is to know the audience you want to target very well, and this case is no exception.

The better you know your audience, the better you will know what to offer them and how to treat them, and that will make your clients feel more satisfied and recommend you.

Answer your audience

Through the web, blog, social networks, etc. you will receive communications from both potential clients and other professionals. A simple way to improve your reputation is that you listen to all the messages that arrive. Responding will not take more than a minute or two, and in return, you will greatly improve your brand image.

Be transparent

The best way to build a good reputation is to act well. Therefore, never try to fool people. If you've been wrong, admit it. It is better to face the consequences of a mistake than to face a reputation crisis for being caught lying.

If something has gone wrong, commit to resolving the issue as soon as possible. This will make your business present itself to consumers as someone trustworthy.

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