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What is the snooze feature in Gmail and how to turn it on or off

Lots of junk and important emails arrive in our inbox every day. Although we can easily discard spam emails, we must be very careful when dealing with the most important ones.

Sometimes we cannot respond immediately and are not disturbed by the chain of responses. That's when Gmail's Snooze feature comes in handy.

Gmail's Snooze feature is a perfect way to pause a conversation and pick it up where you left off. It is available in desktop and mobile applications.

What does it mean to doze in Gmail?

Snooze means snoozing a received mail, just like you snooze your alarm. That is, you will be notified about the same email again at the specified time. You can postpone the email to the date and time you want. Whether it's later today, tomorrow, a week later, a month later, or two months later. The choice is yours. Gmail's sole responsibility is to remind you at the set time.

What happens when an email message falls asleep in Gmail?

When you interrupt an email, it is temporarily removed from your inbox and placed in a special folder known as Interrupted. If repeating an email message with multiple messages, all of them will be repeated and taken to the new repeat folder. So, you end up dozing an entire thread and not a single message. The entire thread will disappear from the input tray.

What happens when downtime runs out

When nap time is over, you will be notified about that email, similar to any other new email. The notification will have a Snoozed tag next to it to differentiate it from other emails.

Additionally, the email labeled Snoozed will appear at the top of your inbox. It will also carry a timestamp. The email will automatically move down when a new email arrives.

What Happens to New Email During Idle Period

Napping does not silence emails. So if you get a new email from the person whose email you have backed up, you will be notified about it. The email will appear in your inbox like any other email. Similarly, if you receive a reply in the same thread that you fell asleep on, you will be notified about it as well. However, the repeat will be removed from the existing email. You will have to repeat the email again.

Which emails can be interrupted

You can sleep any email. Whether read or unread, new or old. It can also be from any category, such as Primary, Promotions, and Updates.

How to interrupt emails on desktop and mobile

Let's see how to interrupt email messages in Gmail desktop and mobile apps.

Backing up emails on the website

Step 1: Launch the Gmail website and open the email message that you want to repeat.

Step 2: Click on the repeat icon at the top. It looks like a clock.

Step 3: Select the time until which you want the email to repeat. Doing so will remove the email from your inbox and take it to the Snoozed folder.

In case you want to interrupt multiple emails, select the emails on the main screen and hit the snooze icon at the top. You can also use this method for individual emails.

Recostar emails on Android and iOS

Note: The screenshots are taken on Android, but the steps are the same for iPhone as well.

Step 1: Launch the Gmail application and open the email.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Select Snooze from the menu.

Step 3: Choose your email nap time from the options provided.

How to access interrupted emails

Here's how to access repeated email messages on desktop and mobile apps.

View interrupted emails on your desktop

To do this, click on the Snoozed tag or the folder in the left sidebar of Gmail. Here you will find all the emails that have been interrupted.

View interrupted emails on Android and iOS

In mobile applications, click on the three-bar icon that appears in the upper left corner of the Gmail application. Then select Snoozed from the menu.

Tip: Type in: snoozed in the search box to display repeated email messages on desktop and mobile apps.

How to undock emails from Gmail

To disable the repeat feature in an email, you must first access it, as shown above. Once you are in the Snoozed folder, open the email you want to unblock.

On the desktop, press the Unbutton button at the top to remove the repeat email.

In mobile apps, tap the three dots icon at the top and select Unzip from the menu.

What happens when you unzip an email

When you turn off the repeat feature of an email message, it is removed from the Snoozed folder and immediately taken to your inbox.

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