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What the free version of semrush includes and what are its alternatives

It works as a digital tool that analyzes the keywords with which your website is positioned in search engines and monitors its evolution, which will allow you to improve your organic positioning day by day and gain efficiency in paid searches.

The free SEMrush version, however, has many of its limited features and the most common program is paid with a monthly subscription system. In this article we will see what SEMrush includes for free and what are its best alternatives on the market.

What's included in free SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most prominent SEO tools on the market. Their prices range from $ 99 a month to $ 399, but you can get a totally free trial version.

With more than 5 million users, SEMrush stands out for helping you find the most important keywords for your web positioning. It is also very useful in terms of displaying your competitors' social media strategies, content, organic searches, and paid searches. As you know, in positioning it is as important to know what you do well or badly as it is to know what your competitors are doing.

Therefore, SEMrush free helps you build the best strategy in networks, market analysis, content and public image, SEO and paid traffic.

How to get started in SEMrush

Starting to use SEMrush is as easy as going to their website and registering online. You will enjoy your free period immediately and, from then on, you will already be able to navigate among its 35 different tools, analyze and compare up to 730 million domains and 18 billion keywords. To register, the only requirement is that you are a company or person of legal age in your country, 18 years in most cases.

Other free SEO tools

Although SEMrush may be a good option, we must not forget that after the end of the trial period, its prices are high and require a significant investment. That is why we will see the advantages and disadvantages of some of its 100% free alternatives below.

KeyWord Planner

It is a very powerful free SEO tool that belongs to Google and analyzes the traffic of different keywords using Google AdWords. Although it is designed to prepare a sponsored search campaign, you can use its full potential to create SEO content on your page. Its options for filtering the results are very valuable and will help you to define your desired results concretely.


The most positive thing about Ubersuggest is that you can start right now without registering or paying anything. This tool is very intuitive, open and direct, but it does not provide as many keywords as other tools, nor does it allow you to save them or make lists. Another of its strengths is its success rate projection and search filters.

The free version of KWFinder allows you to get 5 full searches per day, so you will have to restrict your keyword analysis. On the other hand, it is a very powerful and reliable option that, in addition, shows you the evolution of interest in a keyword over time, project its future and autocomplete the words with Google.

In conclusion, SEMrush is a paid tool and its free version can only be used for a limited time and with restricted functions. That is why before disbursing a large amount of money in the paid version, you may be interested in some of the free alternatives that exist in the market

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