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You can now install Firefox 89 with its new look and greater privacy

With the passage of time, web browsers in general have not stopped growing and improving until they reach what we have today. A clear example of this is found in one of the most popular proposals of this type that has also just received an important update, we do not refer to Firefox 89

We tell you all this because Mozilla's browser, the new Firefox 89, is now available for download. This is something that we can do ourselves by hand from the firm's servers, specifically from this link. In the same way, we can wait for it to arrive automatically from the Help / About Firefox menu option. This is something that if it doesn't happen at that precise moment, it will happen in the next few hours.

New look for the Firefox interface

Well, there are several new features that we are going to find in the Mozilla program. Serve as an example that we will find a new, more current aspect and at the same time a better privacy configuration, among other changes. It is worth mentioning that Firefox 89 has been in public testing since last April 20. Here the new aspect called Proton has already begun to be tested. Well, this is something that is already available to everyone in its final version.

So from now on we can enjoy the new look that introduces changes in the toolbar, since it has simplified it. At the same time we find a new design of tabs with floating tabs, smaller menus, or updated tables and notices. Likewise, the firm has opted to add a more up-to-date color palette, a totally new welcome page, as well as a simpler style and iconography.

And it is that the software firm wants to make it clear that it takes the Firefox redesign project very seriously. With this, what is intended is that we work with a more current and simple software on a day-to-day basis.

Program privacy enhancements

Additionally Firefox 89 comes with improved privacy settings by implementing the second version of SmartBlock. This came with Firefox 87 to allow for a smooth web experience by blocking trackers.

It is also worth noting that for web developers, Firefox version 89 ensures compatibility with the CSS force color and event synchronization API. It also provides some improvements in the performance of page loading through an implementation of web forms controls.

As we have mentioned, this is being sent automatically at the moment. Say also that the new version will begin to roll out for Linux, macOS and Windows users. But if you have Firefox installed from the software repositories of your Linux distribution, you will have to wait a little longer. The new version that we have talked about in these lines will take a little longer to arrive here, probably until the end of this week.

Date update on 2021-06-02. Date published on 2021-06-02. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: aprendecomohacerlo