Free tools to recover files encrypted by malware

Avast and Emsisoft launched free decryptors for those who are victims of the BigBobRoss ransomware.

BigBobRoss has spread rapidly, getting victims in different parts of the world, encrypting their files, as mentioned by the Emsisoft team:

BigBobRoss is a ransomware written in C ++ using QT. It uses AES-128 ECB to encrypt files and adds the extension ".obfuscated".

Regardless of whether it's text, audio, video or photographs, everything is unusable until the hackers' demands (which ask for a ransom in bitcoins to release them) are met, which are recorded in a note file, "Read Me.txt "

The first reports of BigBobRoss appeared in January of this year, and many details of its dynamics are still unknown. For example, there are no clear indications about the process that it implements to infect victims' computers, nor the number of users that have been affected.

On the other hand, good news is added. A flaw in the ransomware code has allowed Avast and Emsisoft teams to create decryptors, so that victims can recover their files, without having to access extortion by hackers.

To access these tools, we just have to go to the Avast and Emsisoft platforms, and follow the instructions. You only need to respect the steps that are detailed, and be patient as the process can take a long time.

Date update on 2019-03-11. Date published on 2019-03-11. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: wwwhatsnew