Galar Mine Number 1 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Galar Mine Number 1 in Pokemon Sword and Shield

We reveal secrets about the Galar Mine Number 1 in Pokémon Sword and Shield, how to move forward, what Pokémon you can capture, items to collect and much more.

Pokémon you can capture

  • Rolycoly: on the ground.
  • Timburr: on the ground.
  • Woobat: on the ground.
  • Diglett: on the floor.
  • Drilbur: on the ground.
  • Roggenrola: on the ground.

The Galar Mine No. 1 is an area that we recommend that you carry on your Water, Fight or Flying Pokémon equipment, so that things do not get too complicated. And calm, contrary to what may seem like input, it is not a particularly convoluted scenario and it will be easy to move forward. That said, in this first cave in front of you you can pick up a Star Piece next to a cart with diamonds.

Follow the only possible path and, as you have seen, there is a fork in front. Before facing a coach do not leave behind a Revive.

Operator Abelardo: Roggenrola (Nv. 14)

First let's go where Abelardo is, that is, on the left, walk here until you can access a narrow passage between the rock walls that rewards you with 3 Super Balls at the end.

If you walk further down you will exit the mine to a section of Route 3 that you could not see or reach before (and that we had already mentioned). Here we have the MT54 Pedrada. Pick it up and go back inside, where Abelardo was to continue moving through the cave.

The path is one-way until a fork is re-created. Go first on the left.

Operaria Natalia: Timburr (Nv. 14), Timburr (Nv. 14), Timburr (Nv. 14)

When you beat it, you can reach a cave with no exit, where there is a bag of Stardust next to some objects. And also the MT26 Scare Face.

Go back and, now yes, we go to the right following the tracks until they end. On the right side of the wall there is a Hard Stone. A fight awaits you ahead.

Operaria Tamara: Diglett (Lv. 14), Drilbur (Lv. 15)

Cross the bridge, in some boxes there is an Ether Flask, and next to a coach some thick boots.

Operator Genaro: Rolycoly (Nv. 15)

Behind this coach you have just won, you can pick up a Revive among some bags and boxes. Progress through the only path available. Between some tracks you will find 2 Superpociones. And in front of a new challenge with a peculiar character that you may have seen before in your adventure.

Coach Berto: Solosis (Nv. 13), Gothita (Lv. 15), Hatenna (Lv. 16)

Once you have overcome the challenge, do not forget to get a bag of Stardust among a few boxes. Otherwise, you will be ready to cross the exit to Route 4.

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