Google Chrome 80 will allow you to activate FTP temporarily until it is delete

Google Chrome 80 will allow you to activate FTP temporarily until it is delete

In most of the sectors related, in one way or another, with technology, the evolution is enormous, as things change in a matter of months. This is something that has become especially clear since the Internet began to be an important part of our lives and affects browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Whether at the hardware or software level , the constant changes that we are seeing, at a greater or lesser level, are constant. Also, when the Internet and everything around it comes into play, this is something even more visible. As we mentioned, a specific sector where we can check all this first hand, is in the current web browsers . These are programs that in recent years have become basic in most PCs and mobiles.

The current battle that exists between the main protagonists of these environments grows day by day, especially between the two main ones such as Chrome and Firefox . Now Microsoft wants to add to all this with its new Edge Chromium , although it is still too early. With everything and with it, in these lines we are going to focus on the most used proposal in the world, that is Google Chrome . Specifically, we want to focus on an element that was once used at all levels, but is bound to disappear, FTP .

We tell you all this due to a recent development that has been seen in the most recent trial version of the software, Chrome Canary 80 . In fact, the search giant has just added a new flag that precisely allows users to enable support for the FTP protocol . Of course, as has been reported, this is a section that will be available until the function is completely and forever removed. Therefore, we show you how to activate this function.

So we can enable FTP support in Chrome 80

As we have known for a while, future versions of Chrome will no longer be compatible with the file transfer protocol known as FTP. According to the firm's plans, this support will disappear from Chrome 80 in its stable version. This is something that will be done gradually, so in Chrome 82, the code for FTP and its resources will be completely deleted.

At the moment most modern browsers such as Safari , Classic Edge , Firefox or Internet Explorer, support FTP. But of course, considering that the low use of FTP, and also does not support encrypted connections, the Chrome team no longer wants to invest resources in the protocol. That is why he has announced his disappearance, even if he does it little by little. Of course, this is something that some companies still use in their daily work, or sporadically.

Anyway, in case you want to enable support for FTP in Chrome Canary 80, the first thing we should do is place in the browser and enter the entry “chrome: // flags / # enable-ftp”, flag that we must activate from "Enabled". Then we will have to restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Therefore, from that moment, Google Chrome can already deal with the domains “ftp: // URL”, showing a list of directories or downloading the resource via FTP.

Date update on 2019-11-03. Date published on 2019-11-03. Category: chrome Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone