Hack Rosalia's Facebook account

The singer has had to open a new profile and the old one no longer exists

It is not the first famous nor will it be the last one that happens to her, but the singer Rosalía has been the victim of a hack, in this case of her Facebook account, and a new user has had to be re-created in order to continue working in this social network. The old profile does not exist anymore.

As the singer La Zowi, another star of the urban music of the country, said on Tuesday, the author of "El mal querer" and winner of two Grammys had to make a new account for the performance of the hackers. People, in the comments, complained about "the riffraff" that, as the author of the post says, "gets bored and tries to fuck others".

It is now time to recall other thefts of digital identities to known people. We started with the "Rubius", in this case of your Twitter account, which was usurped by "OurMine", a group of pirates very popular among lovers of technology for their constant breakthroughs in social networks of celebrities. A few hours later they returned it to demonstrate the little security that this type of pages have.

Or changing now another famous singer, Katy Perry, who suffered the theft of your Twitter account a few years ago and the thieves were engaged in sending insulting messages and jargon, as well as follow-up requests. The hackers even wrote a tweet quoting Taylor Swift assuring her that she missed her, when both maintained a terrible relationship.

Taylor Swift herself has also been the victim of a hack (when she regained the account she mocked them telling them they did not have nude photos of her), Justin Bieber, they made Britney Spears put a tweet to the Illuminati style, Lady Gaga ... Nobody It seems to be safe. Recall that in 2014 there was a massive hack in which many Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence were affected, from which very committed photos were disseminated, as well as Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande or Kirsten Dunst.

Date update on 2019-03-14. Date published on 2019-03-14. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: abc