How cybercriminals can find out about you in Wallapop

Alternatives such as Wallapop excellent for the online sale of second-hand products are also a gate through which cyber criminals try to execute social engineering techniques to get your data.

Social networks, messaging applications, online games or online sales applications are the focus of thousands of hackers who see in these digital windows a vein to gain sensitive information, carry out phishing actions, undertake blackmail and scams or steal users' credentials and bank details.

From Panda Security warn that the main risk of using apps like Wallapop is that they are social networks "in open", whose information is available to any user with the downloaded application and therefore, allow cybercriminals to know your behavior patterns , your area of residence and even the places you go to. Indeed, it is theoretically private information, but in view of everyone in these applications, such as Vibbo or Chicfy.

What to do if you cheat me in a sales app like Wallapop or Vibbo?

From the blog specialized in cybersecurity they put a fictitious example to illustrate the risks that the user runs just by having products for sale in the application, crossing them with other information. If for example you sell a high-end sports car, geolocation helps to give an approximate idea of where you live.

Observing the rest of the products that you sell and your hobbies it is possible to draw a pilot profile of your age, socioeconomic level and even, labor sector. If you were to sell a parking space in Idealista with photographs similar to those of the car in Wallapop, it would be very easy for a group of cybercriminals to cheat you, blackmail you or try to perpetrate a robbery or theft at your home or business.

How can you increase security when using Wallapop?

Do not leave loose ends: The professional cyberdelicuentes know how to interpret and hunt on the fly any possible clue about your personal data. Especially, do not put the full surnames, your address or zip code, nor the company in which you work. All these data could cross them with a simple Google search.

Create profiles with different pseudonyms for each sales page and always avoid geolocation. Especially if you are going to sell products related to your children it is advisable to create different profiles.

The specialists recommend using avatar and not your real photograph. To generate confidence you can use the feedback, comments and positive feedback about the products.

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