How to connect using a remote desktop to a Windows computer from a Mac

If you have a computer with a Windows operating system and the active remote desktop function, you may have wondered if there was any possibility of accessing the computer from a Mac, because in certain cases it may be useful to not be working on the Mac. PC with third-party software, and be able to make the connection directly from the Mac, as can be done from another Windows computer

Well, in this case, although it is not so easy given that in macOS there is not a tool that comes pre-installed and that allows to do this in particular, the truth is that you can make a remote desktop connection from any Mac, and for that reason you will only need to install an application.

Connect to your Windows computers from Mac with Microsoft Remote Desktop

As we said, this time from Microsoft have not made it complicated for those users who want to use the remote desktop from Mac, since they have created an application for it, which is also very easy to use and free, although in This case has a small drawback, and is that it is available only in English.

Anyway, to connect to your Windows computer from Mac, the first thing you'll need is the following:

  • A PC with Windows (preferably Windows 10 to work better), configured to allow remote connections from other computers.
  • The IP of said equipment to be able to connect you.
  • The user and the corresponding password to which you want to specifically access.
  • The Microsoft Remote Desktop application on your Mac.

Once you have this gathered and recorded correctly, you will be ready to connect to your computer remotely for the first time, for which you will only have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Remote Desktop application from your Mac, and then click on the add icon, and select "Desktop" (or "Desktop" in Spanish). In the event that the assistant has appeared automatically, it is not necessary that you do this, simply continue configuring it.
  • In the field called "PC Name", enter the IP address of the computer with Windows in question to which you want to connect, or the host name in case you have both computers on the same network connection.
  • Once this is done, in the "User Account" field, you have two possible options, depending on what you personally prefer:
    • Leave it as "Ask me every time", so every time you want to access the team again, you will have to manually enter the user's name in addition to your password, which can be useful if you have many users created on the PC Windows, and you want to connect each time to one of them differently.
    • Set up a user account, so you can leave one or more users saved to access your computers faster, because you will not need to enter your username or password. If you are interested in this, you just have to select the option "Add User Account ...", and then enter the user name, your password and a common name to use it if you wish.
  • After this, you will only have to click on the "Save" button (or "Save" in Spanish), and a list of the different equipment you have saved to connect will automatically appear.
  • You just have to click on the one you have configured, and in a matter of seconds everything will be configured and you will be able to access it without any problem, and if everything works well, use it as if you were dealing with the Windows computer itself, only that within window.
Date update on 2018-11-27. Date published on 2018-11-27. Category: windows Author: Oscar olg Fuente: soydemac