How to create a public VPN server in Windows 10

As we know, a VPN is very interesting to use in several cases. For example when we want to connect safely to a public network at an airport or shopping center.

Also to avoid the geographical blockage of a certain site in a country or region. There are many services that we can use and choose. In this article we will explain how we can create a public VPN server in Windows 10.

So we can create a public VPN server in Windows 10

The first thing to find out is what is the IP of the team. It is one of the main points to be able to create a public VPN server in Windows 10.

Once we have this, the next thing is to configure the port forwarding in our router. This allows us to connect to the VPN server from a public network anywhere. It is essential to enter the router, which is accessed, generally, through in the browser and entering the credentials.

Now we must look for Port Forwarding, NAT / QOS or similar. You have to configure the ports and open TCP 1723. This step can be before or after creating the VPN. We can see how to open the router ports.

Then we have to configure the VPN server in Windows 10. To do this, execute ncpa.cpl in the search box of the Start menu and go to Network connections. Here we have to give File and select New incoming connection.

Note: the file menu may not appear. We simply have to press the Alt key and it will appear automatically. We just have to give it to open and continue with the steps.

The next step is to add someone, who will appear in the window that will show us. We have to introduce a user and a password that they will ask us when we want to access. Check the box Via Internet and Allow access. We need to restart the computer so that the changes are created.

Allow connections through the VPN in the firewall

It is convenient that we configure the Windows firewall correctly to avoid problems. For this we go to the Start menu and write Allowed Applications and execute it. We click on Firewall and we give Allow an application through the firewall.

A list of applications will appear. We have to make sure that the Routing and remote access box is checked.

We will have created a public VPN server in Windows 10 and perfectly configured. We can connect from another computer. To do this, it would be necessary to go back to the Center of shared networks and resources and to connect to a work area.

We have to choose Use my Internet connection (VPN) and configure the different parameters. You have to type the router's IP, name, etc. You also have to enter the username and password that we created previously.

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