How to download videos from Twitter on mobile or PC

How to download videos from Twitter on mobile or PC

We are going to explain how to download Twitter videos , both from your PC browser and from your mobile

Many times we see a video on Twitter that we like a lot, and perhaps we want to be able to download it to share it freely outside the social network. Therefore, we are going to tell you a method that helps you download it both from your PC and from your mobile.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do with the Twitter code to download the video as it can be done on some other pages. Therefore, we will only be able to resort to third-party pages or tools to be able to extract a video.

We are going to use a universal method that is through specially dedicated pages for it. There are several extensions and mobile apps that we are not going to mention , since sometimes they can be malicious and take advantage of the excuse of downloading videos to ask for more permissions

Using websites from the PC

The first step is to locate the tweet with the video you want to download. Once in it, right click on the video and choose the option * Copy video address , or use the share button to get the link to share the Tweet.

Once you do, you have to put the address on a secure Twitter video extraction website . We are going to use , but there are others just as valid as or . All these pages work the same: you paste the web address of the video or the tweet in the corresponding field and click the Download button to obtain it.

Depending on the web, in the case of the one that we have used, yes, you will be offered different resolutions in which to obtain the video. Here, you will have to press the resolution at which you want to download it.

When you do this, two things can happen. The video may be downloaded directly, or it may simply open in a new browser tab without the layer of protective code that Twitter prevents downloading. If this happens, right click on it and choose the option to save the video from your operating system. By doing so, you will proceed to download it normally.

If the download does not start automatically, the normal thing is that the video opens in a new browser tab without the protective code layer with which Twitter prevents its download. Here, simply hold down your finger on the video, and click on the download button from the pop-up menu that will appear on Android or iOS.

On PC, jDownloader also works

There is a direct download manager application called jDownloader that has always been one of the best tools for any operating system. jDownloader not only manages downloads from direct download pages, but also extracts content from any website. Here, you just have to copy the link of the tweet with the video and add it to jDownloader for it to analyze it.

In just a second, jDownloader will analyze the link and tell you that it can download a multimedia file (see the little icon on the list). When it does, right click on it and choose the Add and Start Download option . The download will take just a few seconds, and when it finishes you will have the video on your computer. jDownlaoder is a tool that no one can miss.

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