How to turn off the default animation on Divi image galleries

Perhaps one of the most used modules of the Divi layout maker is the image galleries, either in grid or full width mode, but there is something that has always bothered me ... and a lot, and it is the animation effect they do when loading, there is no visible way to remove.

I mean this effect of slide show from left to right of the whole module when you get to it

One would go to the animations section of the design tab, right? But no, there is no animation activated.

So how is it removed?

Well, by disabling the default CSS that Divi gallery modules have, which generate that animation.

You just have to access customize in Appearance> Customize> Additional CSS and add these lines.

.et_pb_gallery_item {

-webkit-animation: none !important;

-moz-animation: none !important;

-o-animation: none !important;

-ms-animation: none !important;

animation: none !important;

When you save the changes there will no longer be an animation effect by default

Date update on 2021-02-16. Date published on 2021-02-16. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: ayudawp