Intel warns of the end of life cycle of Skylake processors

The Skylake processors were launched in August 2015 as Broadwell's successors. Both generations were manufactured in 14 nm process but the first one marked a tock and the second one a tick which means that Broadwelll was the first to use this process and that Skylake brought improvements at the IPC level.

More than three and a half years have passed since the arrival of Skylake, but Intel has kept in the market most of the processors that shape the portfolio of that generation. The reason is simple, it is a line of processors that still today is able to offer a high level of performance, in fact its base architecture is used with small adaptations in the Core 7000 HEDT and Core 9000 HEDT (Skylake-X).

This generation has been very long-lived, but everything has an end. The chip giant has confirmed that a total of 22 Skylake processors have entered their final phase of life cycle, and therefore will stop accepting new orders and replenishing stock.

This is how the end of the life cycle of the affected processors works: Intel will accept new orders until September 27 from retailers and OEMs, and will ship (replenish stock) until March 6, 2020. This means that orders placed after September 27 will be rejected.

It is important to bear in mind that although the end of the Skylake processors' life cycle is a reality, this does not mean that they will disappear immediately from the market, in fact there will be stock refills until March of next year, so it is likely that Do not start to notice this stage until the middle of next year.

The Skylake processors were succeeded by the Kaby Lake series, which in turn has been overtaken by Coffee Lake and Coffee Lake Refresh. Intel has also confirmed that it is working on Sunny Cove, the successor of Coffee Lake Refresh, a new architecture that will mark the leap to the 10 nm manufacturing process.

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