Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips to start playing

At the beginning of the game of Kingdom Hearts 3 when they make you decide the type of person you want to be, we recommend you to choose the Vitality option in the first election.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus step by step

After completing the Prologue Sora and his companions will arrive at a known place, the Colosseum of Olympus (the world of Hercules). Move a little and you will soon find a group of Heartless which you will have to defeat to continue.

Kingdom Hearts 3 The Kingdom of Darkness

Discover everything you need to know about The Kingdom of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts 3. Will this be the end of the war against Xehanort the Seeker of Darkness?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Villa Twilight collectibles

Discover all you need to know about Twilight Villa in Kingdom Hearts 3. It will be this the end of the war against Xehanort, the Seeker of Darkness

Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy box step by step

Discover all you need to know about Kingdom Hearts Toy Box 3. This will be the end of the war against Xehanort, the Seeker of Darkness

Kingdom Hearts 3 Crown Kingdom step by step

After finding the friend in you in the Toy Box, we go to the other end of the space map, to the east, to reach the Kingdom of Corona (the world of the movie Tangled). How could it be otherwise, we started facing a group of Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis step by step

Once you finish the Kingdom of Corona, you will unlock Rio Misty, a new galaxy that you can access from the Map of the Worlds. Monstruopolis is at the western end of this region of space. Select the world to start the trip and they will leave you at the nearest beacon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide Arendelle

After completing Monstruopolis, apart from a recommendation to go see Merlin to follow the natural course of history, you should go to Arendelle on the east end of Rio Misty.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tutorial The Caribbean

After a long trip through the frozen mountain of Arendelle, a change of air to a warmer place is just what the body asks of us. The world will have been unlocked southwest of Arendelle, in the southern part of this region of space.

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Goldsweet

As you go through the History of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will discover that there are a good number of Mickey symbols, the Fortune Tells. In addition to these objects to be photographed of which we speak here, in general you will find three types of collectibles

All the Treasures of Kingdom Hearts 3

As you go through the History of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will discover that there are many items in chests that you can collect. These cabinets, as you know, are just one of three types of collectibles

All Kingdom Kingdom 3 Classic Kingdom Games

As you go through the History of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will open a lot of treasure chests. In some there is a series of Games of the classic kingdom.

What are the initial choices of Kingdom Hearts 3

As usual in the saga, at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III we will have to make a series of decisions that will mark the type of growth that Sora will have throughout the game, something very important, since this is what will allow us Specialize your combat style, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

How to unlock the epilogue and the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

As usual in all the installments of the saga Kingdom Hearts III includes both an epilogue and a secret ending, although as an exceptional measure to avoid spoilers before its release, these videos have not been included in the album or in the album. base game

Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy box step by step

Discover all you need to know about Kingdom Hearts Toy Box 3. This will be the end of the war against Xehanort, the Seeker of Darkness

Once you have completed the story in Villa Twilight, your next goal should be this world. Mark your location from the Map of the Worlds and head towards there in your Gumi Ship.

Be careful, because, as you approach, the Astroguerrero will appear and you will have to knock him down in order to access the world.

When that troll trailer is over and you are presented with your new and doll-like appearance, you will have to fight against a group of Heartless. Nothing of the other world, when you finish you will see the tutorial of the aerial Recovery and they will present you to your new (or old) friends.

First of all, surely you have seen it already, under the window there is a big chest, with the Map House of Andy. Afterwards, there are two chests in the room (one under the bed and another on a shelf). Once you're ready, exit through the window on the save point. A few Heartless will appear, it's a good time for you to practice with the Double Arrow.

With the area cleared, go west and go to the back of the house. Apart from more enemies, you will see a box that, when you approach it, causes your allies to say that you have to make a sharp attack. Simply climb to the roof and let yourself fall on it. If you do it from a sufficient height, the "Attack" command will appear and you will get an Elixir.

Now leave the area by the road to the east. After a sequence, you will be controlling the Gigas, a toy robot. They will show you the tutorial and you will have to destroy everything that is within reach of your cannons.

If they destroy your robot, you can take another one. Simply jump on a shelf with a free one and you can use the Reaction command to control it. With the enemy-free zone, enter the machine in the center of the room. Go up the ramp and you'll find a chest with the Galaxy Toys Map.

Now, if you notice, you can get on a platform on the chest, which leaves you on the machine, from which three rails split: green, red and blue. Start with the green You will arrive at a small area with two chests, one of them contains The Mickey's Garden, a classic Kingdom game.

Use the rail to return and this time take the red rail. Get on a Gigas as soon as you can and eliminate the enemies. Then enter the store with the "ACTION" doormat to see a sequence. You will see them with a new type of enemy, a kind of parasite that controls giant toys. Nothing to worry about, it's pretty slow. You have to knock down three to advance.

Before continuing, if you go to the other area of this floor, the Rest Area, you will see a storage point and the Strawberry Flan, one of the 7 Flantastics. Go back to ACTION (the third floor does not interest you now), climb up the walls and access the ventilation ducts.

Once inside, you will have to eliminate enemies and activate switches like the one you see in the image, which will be activated by different fans that will allow you to access more areas of the ventilation ducts.

When you get to the first fan, enter through the opening that is higher when the fan pushes you. You will reach a room with a couple of enemies, more switches and a chest. Then it goes back to the fan and, this time, it enters through the other opening that it had, activating all the switches, of course.

You will arrive to a room with a fan, switches and several remote enemies that you will easily eliminate using the True Shot. Then cross the fan blades to a chest with the classic Kingdom Game Taxi! and a save point. The opening next to the storage point will leave us very close to our destination.

In this new zone, after eliminating the enemies, go to the counter. If you jump on the green frog, you will reach the platform with the two dolls and find a Magician's Staff + for Donald.

If you go to the other side of the store, apart from more enemies, you can jump over the piglets to reach a raised walkway. A piece will fall and you can use it as a shortcut if you fall, there are enemies and a Fluorite. Then go to the corner that shines in green and where you can read "Musical Toads" and go to the gramophone. You have to get on it and run to make it move.

After the sequence, approach the mechanical frog that moves weird in the penultimate row and interacts with it. Then, approach the entrance to the store, where there is a window, and you will see that you can see a dollhouse that is shaking.