Level-5 presents Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

Level-5 presents Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

The title is the result of collaboration with Netmarble and will come true in the second half of 2020, at least in Japan.

Level-5 and Netmarble announce Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds , a massive mobile role-playing game that was presented at the G-Star 2019 event in Japan. The title will arrive in Japan for iOS and Android during the second half of 2020 , for now without confirmed plans for Western markets.

This massive game in permanent mobile world is the result of collaboration between Netmarble and Level-5. It will bet on cel-shading aesthetics , characteristic of the saga, and a good amount of narrative elements that will be raised as animation sequences.

Unreal Engine 4 technology

The game is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 technology by a team that has a group of Lineage 2 veterans . Thus, he will offer combat in real time and five different kinds of characters (magician, swordsman, engineer, destroyer and rogue).

There will be game options against other users in direct clashes with modes such as invasion of kingdoms, conquest battles, and many more, and also option of players against the machine, where we will find the main adventures of history, dungeons, events, challenges and many more variations

A history of virtual worlds

The story puts us in the role of a virtual reality game tester for the Mirai company, one of the largest companies in the gaming world. The goal is to try the Project N, a fantasy world, and soon we meet Shia, the queen, but in an incredible combat something happens and a dimensional crack opens through which the player and Kuu, a fairy escape.

Thus, they will arrive at Evermore, an unknown kingdom and will have to start the adventure that will lead them to rebuild the main kingdom and save Shia.

The player will have to build the kingdom and manage it. For this, it will have the support of the relatives, which will be how the allies we will meet in the adventure will be known. There will be more than one hundred different family characters, each with its own features.

In this way, personalizing the kingdom, taking advantage of resources, and leveling up the whole of our kingdom , will be essential to create a great capital that allows to impose on the capitals of the other players.

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