Link PowerPoint presentations to save time in your design

Link PowerPoint presentations to save time in your design

The multimedia presentations that we make today in our equipment, are valid both in professional environments, as in education or for leisure, for example. Thus, the use of programs such as PowerPoint, has been extended to a great extent throughout these years.

Although we can take advantage of several proposals of this type, there is no doubt that Microsoft's is the most popular, while used worldwide. How could it be otherwise, those of Redmond have evolved a lot this program with which we can already do almost everything in this sector. Many of these functions have already been shown, so now we will talk about the possibility of linking two PowerPoint presentations.

It is worth mentioning that, among other things, this will allow us to save time, since we can use existing slides of one, in the other. In addition, the transition between albos archives is practically imperceptible, so the viewer will think that it is only a single presentation. So let's take a look at how we can access that function and make use of it.

Of course, first of all the first thing we have to keep in mind is that for this to work, both presentations that we are going to link must be in the same folder from the beginning, before making the link as such. Well, this task that we are going to carry out allows us to insert a link within an object or text of the first presentation, which will take us to a specific slide of the second.

Create a link between two PowerPoint presentations

Thus, once we have launched the feature, and opened the first presentation, by moving to the slide from which we will link, we select the text or object where we are going to place the hyperlink.

It is worth mentioning that the object of the device we are referring to may be an image, text, video, etc. Therefore, if we have not yet added any of these, we can embed what we need at that time from the “Insert” menu and mark it with the mouse to serve as a link element. Then, in the section called "Links" of the PowerPoint menu, click on the "Action" button.

That is when the link configuration window that interests us here appears on the screen. Therefore in it we select the option "Hyperlink to", so in the drop-down list associated with this, we can already opt for "Another PowerPoint presentation". Once this option is selected, the File Explorer will open where we will have the opportunity to choose the second presentation to which we wish to link, after which we click on «Accept»

In the event that the second presentation, to which we link, is composed of a single slide, the work is already done. Thus, by clicking on the selected object of the first, we will go directly to the second. However, if it is composed of several slides, which is the most common, when making the link we will see a list of the slides to choose with which we will make the link, which will be the one we will go directly to later.

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