Luigi Mansion 3 Guide Hotel Shops

Luigi Mansion 3 Guide Hotel Shops

Luigi Mansion 3 will make us explore an entire hotel and, after inspecting the fifth floor VIP Suites , we now have a new tool.

With Gomiluigi in your chest, you can go to the third floor, the shops of the hotel . Sure. Who would not want to have a memory of a day full of CASIMEMATO moments. Very logical Anyway, plumber stuff.

Well, start by looking to the left of the elevator . There is a map, and a door that is closed. We have to find the key, so go right. Enter the men's room, the women's room is sealed. Now look at this image .

There are three key points:

  • The right cubicle door can be started with the suction cup. Inside is the key we are looking for.
  • The left panel can be started with the suction cup.
  • In the mirror you can see that there is a hidden grid on the floor . Make it appear with the dark lantern.

Go to Gomiluigi through the slit and go to the left. You have to blow with the vacuum to drain the water . Now go back to the men's room and you can sneak your slimy friend through the hole behind the panel that you have torn out to get the Purple Jewel . Now that you have the key, go back to the hall and open the revolving door on the left. You will see a sequence.

Go up the stairs and go to the right, following the path of the guard , to take the diamond key . Before continuing, use the flash several times against the machine at the bottom of the hall . He will end up giving you the blue Jewel .

Now go back to the main area and go down in front of the store with the ace of spades out . In the lower left corner of the railing there is a path that is not visible to the naked eye and takes you to the right.

You have to continue along that path, which will take you to pass over the elevator, and the path leads even further to the right . You will find a small space with a chest, which contains money and the white jewel . Well, now we go to the left of the store with the diamond . Focus the flashlight to the point we show you to make a ladder appear.

Once up, open the chest to find the green Jewel . There are only two left! But for now we must continue with the story. Go through the bars with Gomiluigi, use the key in the cash register and eliminate three ghosts to get the heart key . If while fighting ghosts you have someone hit the window of the upper wall, you will get the yellow Jewel .

In case you haven't been able to do it, you can use the suction cup to drag some luggage against the display case and stamp it against it. This will make it burst and you can take the jewel equally.

Come back with Luigi (you have to cross the fence or you will lose the heart key) to give him your new key. Go down the stairs and go to the right store, the one in the heart . Again, you have to use Gomiluigi to enter and use the key at the cash register. Then use the flash against the button where the cash register used to be.

This will bring up a secret room full of coins and, as you approach, a lot of little ghosts . Kill them to get the key itchy . Before leaving, use the suction cup on the dummy on the left . This will open a door that takes you to a secret room where the Red Jewel is . We already have all of this plant!

He has to climb the stairs and put Gomiluigi in the tent of the pica . You will have to use the dark flashlight to make the cash register appear and use the key. When you take the clover key a new type of ghost with sunglasses will appear . What you have to do is approach him and vacuum the glasses , then hit the flash and be able to absorb it.

Before leaving the store, you can go through the upper left door to reach a kitchen. Inside there is a fridge with a yellow ghost inside . When you finish him and collect all his money, at the bottom of the screen there is a coffee maker with which to use the flash to get more pasta.

We need to go back to the lower floor and enter the clover shop on the left. You will see that there is a metal plate , you cannot sneak in. What you have to do is vacuum the big clovers that are right over the door , both at once (one with Luigi, another with Gomiluigi). This will make the boat open and you can cross with your green friend. The mucus green, not the green ... well, it doesn't matter.

Once inside, use the dark lantern on the bottom cabinet to bring up the cash register and get the star key . When you return with Luigi you will see a sequence and Gomiluigi will be lost. When you go up the stairs you will face a fairly large red ghost . It has no greater mystery: you leave him blind and take him by one of the lines. If you are skilled, you can catch him at the same time with Luigi and Gomiluigi to maximize the damage.

With everything ready, go up the stairs and go to the corridor on the right that you went to at the beginning to face the next boss, Vigilio . When you defeat it, you will get the button on the second floor.

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