Luigi Mansion 3 guide the second floor

Luigi Mansion 3 guide the second floor

We tell you how to overcome the second floor of Luigi Mansion 3. Can the brother of the most famous plumber save his friends with his faithful vacuum?

Luigi's Mansion 3 will make us explore an entire hotel and, after completing the Basement and the First floor , Luigi has recovered his faithful vacuum. With her he has been able to face some ghosts, despite being scared of fear. With the key to the Second floor in his possession, he climbs the stairs of the reception and prepares for the unpleasant surprises that the damn hotel can hide from his nose.

As soon as you cross the door, get under the chandelier, on one side, and vacuum or push to move the "blades" of the grinder you have. That will open a secret door to the left, where you will find the red Gem .

Approach the box to see a sequence. Then follow Ectochucho through the door on the left, and it will disappear behind a metal door. You can't open the door , so go to the right. Enter through the first door you will see. On the left side of the room there is a violet coat that you can absorb . In doing so you will reveal a flash button and, when activated, you will find the Green Gem .

Now go to the right of the room. If you look at the mirror , you will see that at the bottom of the room there is another flash switch , activate it. Take the key and open the door through which Ectochucho left. Turn on another switch and you'll get the dark flashlight . You can use it with some pictures, like the one that serves as a tutorial.

In the upper right corner there is a chest and, in the upper left, a dead end . However, if you activate the dark lantern just at the end you will reveal a secret chest that makes special ectoplasms appear. By absorbing them they will harm you, but by sucking them all you can open the chest, with enough money inside.

Follow Ectochucho to Professor Fesor's painting and use the dark lantern with him to free him. Now take the Professor to the garage. Go left and pay attention to this painting: use the dark lantern to get the purple Gem of the Garage.

Upon entering the garage you will meet them with your first boss, the Sirvano . Once you have defeated it you will get buttons 1 and 5 . A button that has buttons. It has buttons the thing. Enter the structure that has made the Professor appear. The Virtual Boo or VB and the radar will deliver you. You can also access the gallery of ghosts and that of Jewels.

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