Magisk 20.0 is compatible with Android 10

Magisk 20.0 is compatible with Android 10

The popular Android systemless modification system - that is, without touching the system partition - is now compatible with the latest official version of Android, Android 10

If you were waiting for full compatibility before updating your Android, you don't need to wait any longer.

Adapting Magisk to the latest version of Android has been more difficult than expected, so that the previous version of Magisk could only be installed on mobile phones with support for system updates on A / B partitions. The Magisk 20 version is now also compatible with mobiles with an A partition.

Magisk to the last

While many of us can still only dream of the Android 10 update appearing on our phones, Magisk is now ready to go. The support is added in the stable version 20 of Magisk, whose list of changes is extensive, although it does not involve many changes with respect to the previous version 19.4.

Internally, Magisk 20 completely changes the way in which the System-as-root mode is implemented. It will be the developers of modules for Magisk who must adapt to these changes, and although a compatibility mode is included, this will result in loop restarts in Android 10.

Of course, the jewel in the crown of Magisk 20 is compatibility with Android 10. This one comes with Magisk Hide working as expected. In addition, Magisk modules can now modify the product partition, essential in Android 10 as many files previously in the system partition have ended there. Finally, it is compatible with systems with a single partition, in which case it will be installed on the recovery partition.

You will find the download link in your thread at XDA-Developers. With this latest version, Magisk is now compatible from Android 4.2 to Android 10 (although older versions have less functionality).

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