Meet Santiago Lopez the Argentine ethical hacker who became a millionaire at age 19

An Argentine hacker, only 19 years old, can boast of having a determined life by becoming the youngest millionaire white hat hacker because of his ability to detect security errors in company systems

The term white hat on the Internet refers to an ethical hacker (or hacker), or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and other methodologies to ensure the security of an organization's computer systems. It also refers to hackers who are not aggressive.

An ethical hacker is a term invented by IBM. It is used to differentiate hackers who act without malice from those who do, which are better known as crackers or black hat hackers. According to specialized media reports, one of these programmer nerds (with ethical principles, yes) can win between 50 and 200 thousand dollars for the errors they find, depending on the magnitude of the bug.

That is why, as if it were the reward for the capture of criminals, technology giants such as Apple, Google, Qualcomm and other technological giants have large sums to encourage white hats to help them discover faults. These, if discovered by sinister hackers, can cause massive leaks of private data to the theft of millions of dollars, which directly affects the reputation of companies and the safety of their customers.

The history of Santiago

As reported by the BBC in London, the Argentine won his first reward since he was 16 years old. At the moment, according to the report, the Argentine already found more than 1,600 computer failures. With all this record, Lopez amassed a fortune, thanks to winning 40 times the annual average salary in Argentina.

Lopez told the British media that he helped Twitter, Verizon, and even the US government. He believes that his work "improves the internet", while "discovering bugs makes the Internet safer". The young man, who works for the San Francisco HackerOne firm since 2015, takes 7 hours a day to track security gaps.

According to López, he began to dedicate himself to his work since he saw the movie Hackers. Thanks to this he was inspired and looked for tutorials by Google and YouTube to learn how to hack. In Buenos Aires, he says, he prefers to go unnoticed and to be one more, while the great dream of his life is not yet consummated. López hopes to have an international company of ethical hackers and be recognized around the world.

In 2018, a hack was reported to NASA. According to an internal report of the space agency dated October 23, the information of one of the servers that contained Social Security numbers and other data of current and former employees of NASA was compromised. Luckily, the leak would only have affected the personal information and not any of the departments with sensitive information from any of the missions on other planets, such as the Parker probe, or the InSight probe that recently arrived on Mars.

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