Mexico is the favorite of Latin hackers

In 2017 there were 19 million cyber attacks in Mexico, a figure that is increasing as more devices are connected to the Internet, which places the country as the most attacked in Latin America.

The most vulnerable devices are those that have installed the Android operating system, since in the last week Fortinet company detected 23 percent of the cybersecurity incidents with that system.

A worrisome issue is that more than 80 percent of companies allow the use of mobile devices within their networks, so this is the means by which companies can become infected with malware, opening cybersecurity gaps in their computers.

To raise awareness of the danger faced by users who tend to take reactive rather than preventive measures in terms of cybersecurity, the company organized the Fortinet Cybersecurity Summit, which consists of three simultaneous panels that address the importance of designing a strategy for defense.

What makes Mexico a target for criminal organizations that take advantage of cyber vulnerabilities are basically two factors: the geographic proximity to the United States and the feeling that attacks are things that will not happen, said in an interview, the CEO of Fortinet Mexico, Eduardo Zamora.

Mexico is not the exception to cyber attacks, Latin America is usually a target, Mexico is the number one target in the region and the sixth in the world, the issue is by conscience, what we propose is a matter of raising awareness from people to senior managers, "he said.

The director said that the purpose of this summit on cybersecurity is to raise awareness of the vulnerability in which companies, organizations and even governments when they do not deal with these issues, because the number of attacks is increasing while resources destined to this item remain low.

"We are a rich target for cultural issues, especially if we talk about attacks that have increased 10 thousand times and the budget to be covered increases little.We are talking about that currently generates 10 times more information and in the coming years that is will multiply, which will make the attacks increase, "he warned.

For businesses, institutions and governments to continue to function in the digital age, he added, it is important for decision-makers to keep in mind that cybersecurity goes hand in hand with digitalization, since not enough defense tools are enough. because cybercriminal organizations are able to develop their own technologies.

"We are facing digital transformation and it will not exist without digital security, in fact, the basis of that transformation is security because if you are not protected how you are going to enter the digital world that is found in all mobile devices. must have a brake for the emergency, "he said.

Date update on 2018-11-12. Date published on 2018-11-12. Category: windows Author: Oscar olg Fuente: info7