Guide to chapters 1 and 2 of Red Dead Redemption 2

Mission of Chapter 1 Colter in Red Dead Redemption 2

Late nineteenth century the Wild West is no longer so wild. The law is imposed on those who have ruled this country shot and bands, one by one are falling under the relentless arm of Justice

But, before this happens, a few still fight, justly or not, to continue living at full speed, as they have done up to now.

This is the story of one of those bands that continued shooting tirelessly until the end for what they believed. The story of Dutch van der Linde and his men, including Arthur Morgan, the character we will control throughout this trip. And you may see some other face more than known ...

After a failed assault, the Dutch band flees from Blackwater and takes refuge in the Grizzlies mountains, but a spring storm leaves them half frozen and starving. They hide in an abandoned mining town to recover and wait for time to improve their luck.

All the missions of Chapter 1

During Chapter 1 all missions are mandatory, there are no side quests that you can complete.

  • Outlaws from the west: a caravan makes its way in the middle of a terrible storm.
  • Enter, pursued by a memory: a member of the band is lost on the mountain and you have to save him.
  • The consequence of Genesis: meat is needed to supply the camp.
  • Old friends: Dutch wants to solve some problems with O'Driscoll.
  • Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall ?: Dutch's band is about to storm the Cornwall train.
  • To the east: Dutch and his men decide to move in the direction of Valentine.