Motorola One dual camera the blur is its great virtue

The universalization of the dual cameras has taken place in this year 2018, where the models that are not part of the high range include them

An example is the Motorola One, a terminal that arrives with Android One and with all the options that allow having two elements that work in parallel when taking photos.

Thought to be a good option in the mid-range product, something that has much to do with the use of 4 GB of RAM and storage of 64 gigs expandable (accompanied by a Snapdragon 625), one of the great attractions offered The Motorola One is its main and rear camera. This has two sensors that are the following:

  • Main element of 13 megapixels with focal F: 2.0, this is responsible for making the photos in a traditional way
  • Secondary sensor, which has the function of acquiring data of the depth, of 2 Mpx with focal F: 2.4

Do not forget that the front of the Motorola One includes a more traditional camera with a single sensor of eight megapixels that, yes, has the interesting addition of its own flash and, in what has to do with the opening, this is F: 2.2.

Options offered by the Motorola One camera

One of the first things that should be indicated is that this phone includes a proprietary software that is more complete than the one used by default in Android One. Thus, advanced options are included, such as the HDR management (which can be activated in a automatic and, this, makes the user have to be less aware of the parameters). In addition, a good number of Modes are included that allow to give a broad and advanced use to the terminal, such as Manual; Facial beautification; Active photos; Panoramic; and, also, to create selfies in a group that is something of the most habitual nowadays.

The bokeh effect, which is the blur itself in the portraits, is very present in the Motorola One. In the rear camera this is achieved by hardware in this case since there are two sensors available. The fact is, getting close-ups with a blurred background is as simple as selecting the option in the application and shooting. The results in the cut are very efficient. In the front camera this possibility is also included, but in this case the work is done by software, and the truth is that bad selfies are not achieved in this way.

But not only have to highlight the photos with blur that are made with the Motorola One. Other curious and different possibilities are present in the terminal we are talking about. One example is that you can create creations as a GIF in which with a video-the maximum quality is 2160p-it is possible to freeze an image while the rest of what happens remains animated. The manufacturer calls this cinematography, and the truth is that the results are attractive. Nor does the phone lack the option to select a color so that the rest of the image becomes black and white - this is an inherited option, but that does not stop being interesting.

Date update on 2018-11-16. Date published on 2018-11-16. Category: movil Author: Oscar olg Fuente: movilzona