Multiply the strength of your sleep with the Metapod-shaped Pokémon sleeping bag

Multiply the strength of your sleep with the Metapod-shaped Pokémon sleeping bag

Bandai has launched the definitive sleeping bag with which all Pokémon trainers will be able to feel in their flesh what it is like to be a Metapod. Stronghold!

Being a Pokémon trainer is a tough job. You spend the day walking when you don't have to visit a championship or you are in a city with a gym leader to defeat. In addition, you have to face the most extreme elements if you want to get hold of the strangest Pokémon or get some of the ones that your Pokédex does not have registered yet. It is normal that more than once you have to sleep outside in very improvable conditions. And this is where Bandai comes in.

The Japanese company will begin to market in 2021 one of those items that have to be seen to be believed. It is a high quality sleeping bag in the shape of one of the most resistant bug Pokémon: Metapod.

Now you can reunite with your friends and fight endless battles while applying Fortitude to your sleeping bags. Do not let the cold invade the inside of the body of this Metapod sleeping bag and you will win the battle against coolness.

Although Metapod is an intermediate iteration between Caterpie and Butterfree, it must be said that when we capture it in that form, it only has one attack that is really useless in combat and is only effective when it has been evolved. The Metapod sleeping bag will start arriving in stores from April 2'21, and will be priced at around € 180-200. Although when you are freezing in the mountains and you think about the price, surely you would like to be warm inside this sleeping bag from Metapod. Without a doubt, one of those original products.

What do you think of the Metapod sleeping bag? Do you think they will release the version of other Pokémon like Kakuna?

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