Programs to make video calls from your PC or mobile

Programs to make video calls from your PC or mobile

There are many people who have a family member or friend who lives abroad (I am one of those people) and to communicate with him, nowadays since the Internet emerged we have more options.

Through an email, sending messages through one of the various messaging applications that exist on the market or making a video call.

Video calls from the PC using programs

We have had Skype for a long time to communicate with other people over the Internet, face to face on the computer screen, and also with the arrival of new devices such as tablets, smartphones or smar tv, we have other alternatives to Skype to make video calls.

There are several applications that exist to be able to make a video call using a smartphone.

However, if what you like is to sit in front of the webcam and the PC microphone to talk with a family member or friend, something that despite the distance is warmer than a few words of text in a message or email, we only need that our friend or family member has the same service as us and a little while to chat with him.

I indicate the characteristics of three programs to make video calls from the PC.

Some important alternatives that are very popular and easy to use, in addition to being free (the basic options).


  • The first and best Internet calling service in the world.
  • The most popular, it has more than 600 million users.
  • Available for computer operating systems such as Windows, Windows 8 and RT, OS X and Linux.
  • Also available for many mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Symbian, PS Vita and Windows phone, Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and more.
  • Possibility to talk to our Facebook friends and old Hotmail contacts.
  • You can share files and photos, send messages, and make voice and video calls.
  • Possibility of sharing the screen of our PC (only for premium accounts).
  • Possibility of making video calls between smartphone and PC.
  • It has a good and stable image quality.
  • Skype has very attractive rates to talk to landlines and mobiles around the world.
  • Since 2009 it is the largest international calls operator.
  • Skype can be downloaded for free on all platforms.
  • Official information and download page:


  • Una gran opción para utilizar en el ordenador, tablet o smartphone.
  • No se necesita registrar para ser usuario.
  • Funcionamiento sencillo para los smartphones, la instalamos, introducimos nuestros datos (básicamente el número de teléfono) y la propia aplicación escaneará nuestros contactos para ver cuales de ellos también tienen la aplicación instalada.
  • Ofrece llamadas gratuitas, textos, videomensajes, intercambios de archivos multimedia y videollamadas de gran calidad.
  • Disponible para Android, iOS ,
  • Windows PhoneWindows Phone y Windows.
  • Windows Phone
  • La aplicación añade automáticamente a la lista de contactos a los contactos de tu agenda que sean usuarios de Tango.
  • Página oficial para más información y descarga de la aplicación:


  • Available for computers with Windows operating system.
  • Also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, for other platforms, such as Blackberry or Bada it only includes sending text messages.
  • Easy use, we will only have to associate our phone number with the application to see all the Viber users that we have among our contacts and thus be able to call them for free.
  • Official page for download and information:
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