Sell a PS5 for more than 60 times its official price

Sell a PS5 for more than 60 times its official price

In Australia, a resale of a PS5 has been located that has been sold for more than € 30,000, but also other sales from speculators that are exceeding € 10,000 without much difficulty.

The key date for the launch of PS5 in our territory is approaching, and with it thousands of players who are waiting for Amazon to change the delivery date to the 19th and many others who have reserved in GAME and are ready to make the payment final.

Be that as it may, speculators have turned to a well-known auction page to resell their reserves for prices that in Spain have reached € 3,000, but which are small change if we compare them with prices that are being reached in the international market as in Australia.

And it is that from Kotaku Australia they have been able to locate a listing on eBay of a PS5 reserve already sold, which has reached a whopping figure of 50,100 Australian dollars, which is the equivalent of about € 30,700. We do not know if this transaction will finally take place, but what is clear is that there are people willing to pay high economic amounts.

Ignoring that capital price, there are other completed listings that are above 20,000 Australian dollars, the equivalent of about € 12,300 and up.

It should be remembered that it is expected that new shipments to buy the PS5 will be launched in the coming weeks, and that from January it is likely that there will be enough units for all interested.

That is why, if you have been lucky enough to reserve a PS5, try to enjoy it this Christmas, and if you are a user who has not had luck, do not worry, because it is likely that before the end of the year you will have a new opportunity.

The launch of PS5 has already happened in other markets such as North America, and on November 19 it will reach European territory, in one of the most important launches in recent years and on the eve of Christmas, with what is done the most valuable gift for these dates.

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