So you can remove the black stripes from the sides when using old games

So you can remove the black stripes from the sides when using old games

Years ago, televisions and monitors used 4: 3 resolutions, that is, they were almost square. Therefore, old television series and video games were adjusted to this resolution.

Times change and today the standard is panoramic, much more rectangular resolutions with a 16: 9 ratio. Today television series are broadcast at this resolution, and the games are designed to run in 16: 9 ratios, either in FullHD or in 4K. Today we are all accustomed to this format, and therefore, when we try to play an old game from a few years ago we surely feel weird.

When we try to play an old game on a 16: 9 monitor, the first thing that catches our attention is that the image, instead of adapting to our screen, plays square. The same happens when we try to watch an old series on the screen, which instead of having horizontal stripes, such as movies, has vertical stripes.

Although the game is like that, because in its day it was like that, it sure makes us feel strange, We may not even feel comfortable playing it. Luckily, thanks to a tool called Game Widescreener it is possible to force these old games to run full screen, adapting their aspect or ratio to 16: 9.

How to adjust 4: 3 games to widescreen in Windows 10

The first thing to do is download Game Widescreener from its main website. This application is free, although the website is in Russian. We recommend using the translator of our browser to download the application without problems. In addition, on this website we can find a complete list with the more than 150 games compatible with the resolution setting.

This program can be downloaded in normal format, to install on the PC, or in portable format, so you don't have to install it and run it on any PC from a USB.

Once downloaded we run the application on our computer. The application will automatically detect the resolution of our monitor to adjust the game to it directly. As we can see, we use an ultra-panoramic 21: 9 monitor, and it is also compatible with this ratio.

We will select the game that we want to adjust from the list (or by typing its name in the first box) and then we will select the directory where we have installed the game in question.

We click on the Install button and the program will take care of everything. When finished, we can open the game again. We can see that now, instead of being set to 4: 3, it has adopted the native resolution of our monitor. This program also does not have to be open. The changes are applied directly in the game itself.

Of course, we must keep in mind that we should not change the resolution or the graphics settings from within the game once the patch is applied. If you do, the game will adjust its own resolution again. And then we will have to use this program again to change the look of the image.

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