Stadia on Windows 10 learn how to use the service from your PC

Stadia on Windows 10 learn how to use the service from your PC

Since always, to be able to play the latest games on PC it was necessary to have hardware to match: a good processor, good RAM and, above all, a good graphics card.

However, the way of playing is changing. In recent months, streaming gaming platforms have been gaining prominence. Instead of using our hardware to play, everything is processed on a remote server so that we only need to depend on a good internet connection to play. And within the streaming gaming platforms, one of the most popular is Stadia.

Stadia is Google's gaming platform. With it, the giant wants to open a gap within the video game sector, a market that, today, Microsoft and Sony dominate to a large extent. The goal of Stadia is to go a bit beyond the living rooms, allowing users to play on any PC or any device, and do it from anywhere.

Requirements to use Stadia

The main thing to be able to access this cloud gaming service is to have a good internet connection. Depending on how demanding we are and the quality of the game we will need more or less speed. It is recommended, due to latency issues, that the connection be fiber optic, FTTH. And in terms of speed, from 10 Mbps to play at 720p, to 35 Mbps to play at 4K. The freer the network, the better.

Also, if we are thinking of playing on a PC, what we are going to need is, yes or yes, to use the latest version of Google Chrome. The service may work with other Chromium-based web browsers, such as Edge or Opera, but Google does not guarantee its correct operation.

We will also need a controller to play, either the official Stadia controller or a compatible third-party controller such as the Xbox or PlayStation. We can connect it both by cable and wirelessly.

Create Stadia Account

Before we can start using this service, the first thing we have to do is create an account within the platform. To do this, we access the following link and click on start session. We can log in perfectly with our Google Account. If it is the first time that we enter the platform, first of all we will have to complete a series of steps:

  • Confirm our email.
  • Accept the terms of use.
  • Choose an avatar.
  • Choose our username.
  • Configure privacy options.
  • Choose if we want to receive news.
  • Finish the registration.

Once the whole process is finished, we will have access to a free month to try Stadia. After that month we will be charged 9.99$, but we can cancel whenever we want.

Free games and game store

If we are Stadia Pro users, Google offers us a collection of free games, which is expanded every month, so that we can start playing from the first moment. All these free games can be found in the main section of the gaming platform.

In addition, we will also be able to visit the Stadia Store, from which we will be able to buy the games that interest us. For being PRO users we will be entitled to a special discount, and also, just by registering we will have a discount voucher of 10 euros to exchange on the first purchase.

To add a game to our library, we will simply have to search for it, and click on «Get». If the game is free we will not have to pay anything. If it is paid, we will have to buy it as in any other platform.

Once the game is on our property, then the "Get" button will change to "Play". If we click we can see an animation of the game and a button to start the broadcast.

The game will be automatically placed in full screen, and we will not have to download or configure anything. The best thing about Stadia is that, as long as our Internet connection allows it, we can automatically play everything at the highest quality.

We can display the game menu by pressing the Shift + Tab keys to see information about our account or interact with our friends or other users of the group. In addition, we will also be able to check the stability of our connection, as well as configure the command or other parameters of the Stadia connection.

What if I don't want to pay every month?

To complete the registration process, we must enter our credit card details to get the free month. It is true that Google is not going to charge us anything during this month, but we must be careful and cancel once these 30 days have passed since, if we do not, they will automatically charge us 9.99 euros.

We can cancel without any problem. The only thing that, by doing so, we will be losing the right to free games and the highest quality options or 7.1 sound. But, if we want, we can use Stadia for free, with its limitations, as long as we buy the games individually in the platform's store. Those games will be available to us and we can play them at any time and from anywhere.

Stadia's biggest problem: the business model

Stadia is the most advanced platform for streaming the game. In quality, performance and in everything. But the business model that Google has chosen is the one that will take it to the grave.

As we have seen, to use Stadia Pro, and to have the highest quality and the best experience, we have to pay 10 euros per month. And with those 10 euros we can access a few games, but few. And old. If we want to play other games we will have to go to the checkout and buy them. That is, in addition to paying the subscription, we will have to pay for the game. And since it is our own store, we cannot resort to alternative websites that allow us to save money. And much less piracy.

Microsoft, with Xbox Cloud, has an infinitely better business model. The service will be included in the Game Pass so, with a single payment of 13 euros per month, we can both access the streaming service and all the games in the Game Pass, which will be the ones that are part of Xcloud. No additional payments.

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