The market for removable tablets in EMEA falls in the last year

Despite the fact that the sales of detachable tablets experienced a sharp drop in the last quarter of 2018, IDC forecasts point to an upturn from 2020.

The tablet market decreased during the last quarter of 2018 by 9.6% on an annual basis, with shipments that stood at 14.1 million units. This is clear from the data published by IDC, according to which, this market segment closed 2019 with a fall of 9.4% in the region. The outlook for this year does not point to an improvement as the market is expected to decrease by 9.4% in EMEA during this first quarter.

The sharp drop in the sale of tablets in EMEA has been largely due to the erosion in the demand of the consumer segment. This became clear after the low sales that occurred in the last quarter of last year that were affected by a Black Friday that did not meet the expectations generated in Western Europe

As pointed out by senior research analyst at IDC Western Europe Personal Computing Devices, Daniel Goncalves, Prime Day was the main promotional event for this category last year and had a negative impact in the fourth quarter as shipments were transferred to the third quarter.

All major Western European markets, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, recorded strong double-digit declines in the fourth quarter, as consumers prioritized other connected smart devices to the detriment of tablets.

The maturity of the market, the saturation, the cannibalization of this segment by large smartphones, the focus on convertibles and the lack of innovation are other factors that have also influenced this decline in sales of detachable tablets.

Samsung and Apple, in the lead

By manufacturers, Samsung leads the ranking in EMEA, with a share of 25.5% in the fourth quarter of 2018 and a growth of 23.1% over the previous year. It is followed by Apple in second position, which during the fourth quarter of last year took a share of 22.5% thanks to a more affordable iPad, but with only an increase over the previous year of 2.9%.

The third in this ranking is Huawei, which continues to increase its presence in the most developed economies and which has been done with a market share of 8.9%. Lenovo and Amazon are the ones that have led a major decrease in sales, of 39.2% and 37.5% respectively.

IDC expects the decrease in sales of these detachable tablets to slow down throughout 2019, helped by the recovery in the commercial segment, which is expected to return to growth in 2020. The end of support for Windows 7 in 2020 could be a turning point to promote new growth scenarios in the adoption of removable.

In this sense, the forecasts of the consultancy point to the market of commercial tablets in EMEA grow at a compound annual rate of 3.8% until 2023.

Date update on 2019-03-07. Date published on 2019-03-07. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: muycanal