They filter several new creatures and evolutions of Pokémon Sword and Shield

They filter several new creatures and evolutions of Pokémon Sword and Shield

Among them are the intermediate forms of Sobble and Grookey, two of the initial Pokémon.

In recent hours, fans have found even more new Pokémon and shapes. It is likely that even more unpublished species will be discovered in the coming days. If you want to keep the list up to date, we recommend you keep track of Pokémon Leaks Center on Twitter.

(Original news) Alert: possible spoilers below! There are still a couple of weeks for Pokémon Sword / Pokémon Shield to reach stores, but with the preload of both games on Nintendo Switch, some dataminers rub their hands in search of any possible novelty they can find. Thus, recently the Reddit forums have recently hosted several leaks about new Pokémon or alternative forms of existing creatures.

Unless it is some kind of elaborate assembly, the images you will find below correspond to the evolutions of Sobble and Grookey, two of the new initial Pokémon in what appears to be their shiny or variocolor version (sorry, Scorbunny, other it will be) as well as what appears to be a Gaow Meowth and a possible alternative evolution of it. In the past it had already leaked that this Pokémon would be "a steel-type hair ball" so it would not be surprising if that was really the case. Finally, we have a small elephant-shaped Pokémon that, in fact, had already been cast briefly in an earlier trailer.

The origin of these images is varied: some arrive "bounced" from the infamous 4Chan forums and others have been posted on Reddit, which also provides no guarantees. But it will not be the first time, and quite possibly not the last, that this type of information is leaked as the playable material arrives at the hands of the fans. Be that as it may, Espada and Escudo will arrive in stores on November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo hybrid console

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