Windows 10 crash prevents deleting a folder up to 20 GB

Windows 10 crash prevents deleting a folder up to 20 GB

Microsoft keeps introducing new bugs that take months to fix. Now, there is one that prevents us from deleting one of the folders that accumulates the most garbage and that can occupy us dozens of gigabytes.

This has been confirmed by Microsoft itself with the Windows.old folder. This folder saves our preview installation of Windows after updating to a new version of Windows 10 with a Bootable USB or updating the system. Thanks to this, if when updating we find any problem, error or compatibility failure, we can go back to the previous version where everything works correctly.

Failure to delete Windows.old files in Windows 10

The problem is that that folder reaches more than 20 gigabytes as soon as you have a few programs installed on the PC. It is usually rare that Microsoft has broken both an update and to have to go back to a previous version, so on many occasions we are losing all that additional space on our SSD.

To delete this folder, it is usually recommended to use the Free space tool, accessible by right-clicking on the C: / drive of our computer and going to Properties. There, we have to go to «Clean system files«, where we will see the option to eliminate previous installations of Windows, stored in the Windows.old folder. In that section we can also delete thumbs.db and other unnecessary files.

This tool is very comfortable to gain gigabytes quickly in the event that we need that additional space. However, it has been broken for a while, according to several users saying for months. Now, it has been Microsoft who has confirmed the existence of the bug ... stating that it has corrected it.

Build 20257 fixes the bug

The first time this bug appeared in Windows 10 was in 2016, but after the latest updates, it has reappeared. The failure is that, despite selecting the folder, Windows does not delete it completely, leaving files on the drive.

Now, Microsoft claims to have fixed the bug in build 20257 of the Insider program. Thus, it is to be expected that this solution will become part of the operating system in its stable version in the coming months, and may arrive next month or already in early 2021. In addition, Microsoft has also fixed some bugs in relation to listening problems sounds through Bluetooth headphones, or when playing HDR content with Movies & TV.

Unfortunately, there are still many other bugs that they claim to be investigating and for which they still have no solution. Among them, we find bugs where the new disk management tool does not work, another where black texts appear in areas where they should not if the dark theme is active, as well as other bugs where the taskbar previews are not displayed correctly.

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