Windows 10 will not have updates throughout Christmas

Windows 10 will not have updates throughout Christmas

Keeping Windows 10 up to date is very important. On the one hand, we make sure that security patches can solve any vulnerability that may exist in the system and that could put us in danger.

And on the other hand, we make sure that the quality patches correct all kinds of errors to obtain the best performance and the best possible user experience. Every month Microsoft usually updates its system three or four times. And that's not counting the Insider updates. However, next month that will change.

This same weekend, Microsoft has informed all users that the update model of its system will change during the next month, in December. This is because, during these dates, at the Redmond headquarters there will be only minimal services, since the company will give its workers days off for Christmas. And this means that there will be no people to develop and release the patches as usual.

Windows 10 will only receive its security patches

Microsoft has confirmed that it will prioritize security patches for Windows 10 and other company products, as usual. However, from there, we won't see any more updates until January 2021.

If all goes well, the new security updates should see the light of day on December 8, the second Tuesday of next month. Also, although these patches will bring the fixes of the previous patches, they will not bring any more non-security related changes.

From there, quality and maintenance updates will be on hold until the third and fourth week of January, when the operating system resumes its normal development cycles. We do not know if this change will also affect the Insider version of Windows 10, although everything indicates that it will, since surely we will not see new builds of Windows 10 21H1 or 21H2 either.

This also affects the optional drivers that are released for Windows 10. All those shipped before December 3 will reach users on December 17. But those sent after December 3 won't arrive until January 2021.

A smart move given recent troubles

Windows updates aren't exactly problem-free. Every month, without exception, we encounter all kinds of failures. Patches often fix bugs introduced by previous ones and introduce new problems instead.

These problems can range from crashes and blue screens to some functions, such as network or printers, not working. Leaving Windows quality updates aside for a few weeks allows Microsoft to take advantage of the time, unhurriedly, to fix bugs and prepare a better update for January 2021. Additionally, bugs introduced by last month's cumulative patches can be fixed with the next patches this month.

And even so, if bugs appear with this month's patches, they can be fixed by taking advantage of the arrival of the December 2020 security patches.

Date update on 2020-11-17. Date published on 2020-11-17. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone