Guide of Red Dead Redemption 2

Hunting the wizard in Red Dead Redemption 2

How to complete the main mission To the hunting of the magician: tricks, tips and secrets so that you do not have problem in obtaining the gold medal.

Gold medal goals

  • Inspect all the tracks in the Trelawny caravan.
  • When tracking, stay 30 feet (10m) from the Trelawny Trail.
  • Kill 2 bounty hunters in the cornfields in 1 minute or less.
  • Complete the mission without consuming health objects.

Note: in this mission there is a lost weapon, the exotic Rolling Back.

In order to begin this mission by speaking with Dutch in the camp before you must have completed Publicity: the new American art. If you look at the challenges you will have to run a lot, so be careful when we tell you. Talk to Charles and go to the goal.

Once you are where Trelawny should be, use the Eagle Eye to locate all the clues, as one of the medal objectives asks. There is an unmade bed, a towel with blood and food on the table.

After confirming that something has happened, follow the trail that will appear to a small grove. You will have to fight with fists after the conversation. When the defeats you can question them about Trelawny's whereabouts. Let go to raise Honor and get going.

When you get to the cornfields you will see that they are trapped and we will have to do what we do best: eliminate bounty hunters. Here comes into play one of the objectives of the gold medal, you will have to eliminate the first two in 60 seconds or less. Do not worry, it does not have much mystery.

The third one will only appear when you kill the first two, so go for it. Follow the birds and you will find it quickly. After the collision a shooting will take place. Run to the barn and you will find two bounty hunters. One of them has the exotic Rolling Back, pick it up before you leave.

You only have to return to Trelawny to complete the mission.