How to modify Astra theme settings for pages and posts in batch instead of one by one

The batch editing of posts and pages is one of those WordPress functionalities that, although they have always been there, is one of the least used, because it is little known, despite its enormous and practical utility.

It allows you, for example, to change the author or close comments to dozens of posts or pages in just a few clicks, instead of having to open each post or page to edit it, make changes, save, open the next one and so on.

Using WordPress batch editing, you just have to select the posts or pages in the administration screen, select the edit option in the "Batch Actions" drop-down.

You will be able to make changes in the settings to dozens of publications and save them without having to open the editor even once, without leaving the administration screen.

It is also especially useful when we talk about products from an online store, allowing you to change prices with a percentage discount to all, change the inventory, validity of offers, taxes and many other small changes without having to edit each product.

If you didn't know about this tool, I suppose I just made you one of the happiest people of the day, right?

However, like any tool, it is not perfect. For example, it doesn't show all the possible tweaks you can make to a page, post, or product, because it doesn't integrate with all themes and plugins.

Shall we talk about Astra?

As you may already know, the Astra theme is not only the one I have chosen for this WordPress Help period, but it is the one that I recommend and use in all my courses and videos, for many reasons.

But there are 2 main reasons:

  • One of the reasons is its loading speed and code optimization, currently beating the rest of the topics.
  • And the other is due to the amount of customizations that it allows to do, not only globally, but especially in each entry, page, product, etc. This is one of the virtues that most distinguishes it from the rest of the songs, and for what it stands out.

I mean, in the second point, it not only has tons of settings in the theme customizer that you can apply to the entire web, but in the editor you can define use the customizer settings or apply a different configuration on each page, input, product, etc.

This is what all the topics will tend to shortly, when we can do a complete edition of the site using blocks, and the topic should allow us to decide what to show and how in each content.

Going back to batch editing ...

Well wouldn't it be great to also be able to use WordPress batch editing tool for Astra's customization settings for multiple posts / pages / etc.?

Well ... uisss ... in principle you can't, simply because WordPress doesn't recognize these customization fields from the Astra editor theme, and doesn't show them.

But there is a solution: the Astra Bulk Edit plugin.

You just have to install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin and activate it.

Once it is active, by batch editing your posts, pages, etc. You will see that you already have all the Astra customization fields at your disposal.

Date update on 2021-02-16. Date published on 2021-02-16. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: ayudawp