How to organize meetings with Zoom video calls from a WordPress website

If there is a technology that has been consolidated lately, it has been the video call

Something until not long ago only used in the business environment for business meetings, by families with members in various countries and little else, in recent months it has become totally popular.

And if there has been a winning application in the video calling service, it has been Zoom, whose free version is more than enough for personal use and even many of its corporate uses.

I myself have been using Zoom for years both for meetings and in online courses and consultancies, and I think it is a great and very complete service, since it not only makes the most of the connection but also offers remote control of another computer, sharing different screens and devices, recording local and cloud of meetings, chat rooms and much more.

Despite the fact that everyone with a Google account has the Meet service for free, the good quality and management of Zoom's transmissions, as well as how well its mobile application works, has made this service an absolute unknown outside of business market to a totally popular app.

Well, today we are going to see how to go a little further, and integrate Zoom with WordPress, to manage online meetings easily from your website, integrating WordPress and Zoom.

How to integrate Zoom and WordPress

The easiest way to integrate Zoom video calls and your WordPress site is through plugins, and we are in luck, because there are very good solutions, even free.

Do we see the best?

Video Conferencing with Zoom

It is the most popular plugin on for integration with Zoom.

With this plugin you can manage Zoom meetings, webinars, recordings, users and even reports, all without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

The configuration process requires you to generate a Zoom app through its API, but then everything works perfectly, and you can now manage your Zoom account from WordPress.

You can create meetings as if they were WordPress entries, add a shortcode in any content to show meetings, in addition to ...

  • Meeting links for each post.
  • Countdown to meetings.
  • Recordings management.

You can hide shortcodes through a membership system, or share them as a private publication, only for registered users, so you have a very efficient video conference planning system at zero cost.

Now, if you want to charge for Zoom meetings, you have to integrate it with WooCommerce, and for that you will need the paid version. Of course, then you will be able to integrate your paid video call meetings with the reservation system you have, such as WooCommerce Bookings or Yith Booking.

As you can see, very complete, fully functional in its free version, and with enormous possibilities of monetization with the paid version.


The operation and configuration of this plugin is very similar to the previous one, and it also connects with the Zoom API so that you can manage your Zoom meetings from your WordPress website.

Something that I have always loved about this particular plugin is being able to associate a different host ID with each user, for greater customization and management of meetings and reports.

Also, despite being more popular the previous one, to me personally it seems this much more intuitive in its use, because from a single menu you have everything and with a very careful interface

Otherwise, the operation is just as simple as before. You create your meetings as a WordPress content type and share it publicly or privately, and the Zoom link will appear in the event.

When it comes to paid meetings, it also has a premium version to integrate with WooCommerce.

Events Manager Zoom

Well yes, with this extension of the Events Manager event management plugin you also have the possibility of organizing virtual meetings using Zoom.

To achieve this, you just have to also install the Events Manager plugin and, once its integration with the Zoom API is configured, you will be able to add Zoom video call management to your events created in WordPress.

Setting up the meetings is very simple, and they will be displayed on the calendar at will.

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