Assassin Creed Valhalla Bond of Honor

We explain how to complete Bond of Honor in Assassin's Creed Valhalla at 100%. All the tips, tricks and secrets to get platinum.

Even the bravest Vikings need a little support from time to time. Therefore, and as part of our complete guide, we bring you a few guidelines and tips to keep in mind when completing the first main mission of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Bond of Honor. We also remind you that if you want to get the long-awaited Platinum, you can consult the complete list of Trophies and Achievements on PS4 and PS5. And without further ado, let's start our adventure!

Bond of honor

After the introductory cutscenes about Eivor's past, in which we have to follow the instructions given to us by adults, we will take control of adult Eivor. While they explain the basic controls, we will climb the marked path with the aim of saving our crew.

We recommend that, taking advantage of the journey, you collect blackberries and plants from the nearby bushes, since these will later serve us to heal our lives. Once we reach the end of the marked path we will have to climb a wall. Afterwards, we will go to the highest peak: there we will synchronize. For those who are not familiar with the saga, synchronizing will allow us to unlock the map and the icons that are around us.

Rescue our crew

With a jump in the purest Assassin's Creed style, we will lower the peak and head to the point marked on the map about 600 meters north. On the way we will meet an enemy that we can take over with our bow, and take advantage to loot some resources once we have cleaned the area. We will also come across a cabin in which we advise you to enter, since within it there is a chest with resources. A little before reaching our destination we will come across an ally named Dag, who will give us a shield that we can equip from the inventory menu.

Once in the communal house, we will sneak into the building through an opening located in the center of its roof. It is essential to move stealthily, since the enemy far outnumbers us. We will skip a cinematic after which we will have to kill Avaldsnes. It will be an easy match, just make sure you dodge his hammer blows.

We go to sea

A few mysterious cutscenes later a battle will take place against enemy jailers. Luckily, this time we will have our crew by our side. Once we have cleared the area, we can head towards our longship.

If we reach the coast, we can take the helm of our ship and, as the mission marker indicates, head to Fornburg. Once we arrive, we will have to talk to the woman who is waiting for us on the shore. After the conversation, we will have finished the Bond of Honor mission, and two new ones will be activated: The Seer's Solace and Household Things.

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