Home to the Path of the Swans from Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Once the brief but intense Chapter 4 is finished, a fifth chapter awaits us, loaded with hours of gameplay and exploration options; we finally arrived in England

Bloody battles, looting and seeing our settlement grow are just some of the things we can do during the chapter

The seas of destiny

With the plot twist that took place in the last chapter, the first thing we have to do is locate our brother. It is located in one of the largest buildings in the area, and if we have trouble finding it we can always turn to our faithful raven. The conversation will lead us to undertake a course, at least, unexpected.

Our next step will be to go to the dock and take a seat on the boat when indicated. Before ending the mission, we will experience an extra scene from which we do not want to eliminate the surprise factor. Of course, we recommend that you investigate thoroughly in the pause menu during this section if you do not want to miss any detail of the lore. Now yes, heading to new lands!

The home of the path of the swans

After an enjoyable drakkar ride and a few clever dialogues, we will arrive at the Halfdan settlement. Of course, first we will have to make the chain that cuts our way fall, infiltrating the enemies and destroying the wooden supports with several ax blows.

Thankless presence

Upon disembarking, we will enjoy a numerous fight against some bandits. Once the area is cleared, we will have to check that there are no hidden enemies in the communal house. On the contrary, we will only meet a couple of prisoners.

Settling down

The first phase of our settlement will begin by speaking with Gunnar, who is near the pier. Once done, we will go to our longship and take the helm. We entered the phase of looting monasteries as good Vikings (they are marked on the map with two red crossed axes).

Our objective will be the Monastery of Alcester, and to reach it we will only have to continue upriver and destroy everything we find. There will be two wealth chests on site, one in the main church and one in a secondary building. In the first we will enter by forcing the door and in the second we will break a window with our weapon. Once we have looted everything, we can return to our settlement and build the smithy by interacting with the local sign.

On our return Sigurd will grant us a room in the longhouse. After browsing the room, we will meet him in the stables.

To finish building all the facilities that the settlement requires, we will need the following:

  • Hidden Guard
  • Stable and aviary
  • Trading Post
  • Boats

Also, as Randvi will tell us, we must get alliances before following in Sigurd's footsteps. In any case, the tasks that we just mentioned will have to be carried out during the next three missions, so we must go step by step so as not to get overwhelmed. At this point, the Settling down mission is completed and A New Home, To Serve the Light and The Alliance Map are started.

To serve the light

To build the lair of the Hidden Ones we will need more materials, so we will have to loot to get them. We recommend starting with the one downstream, since it is level 20 and we can take advantage of the journey to synchronize ourselves and reveal a portion of the map.

In the same area where we do the synchronization in Wycham, we can collect hidden treasures in the sea, diving in front of the synchronization point. In addition, a few meters to the right, there will be a friendly with an ax in the forehead that will allow us to complete the world mission: An ax to the head.

The monastery that we recommend you loot first is the one on the island of Ely, since it has a similar level to ours. In it, we will find three different riches as well as several minor chests scattered around the place. We will have to move some shelves and force doors to access them, and if we have problems locating them we can rely on Odin's view. In addition, if we descend to the cave that is located on the coast next to the monastery, we can access a hidden underground area in which there is a book of knowledge (Salto de las Valkyries).

Once we have cleared the area, we can return to our settlement and build the Den of the Hidden Ones or continue to besiege other monasteries such as Melbourne and unlocking Watchtowers, it is your choice. At the end of Hytham's gratitude scene we will unlock two missions that we can do in parallel to the main story: Destroy the Order and A Brief History of the Hidden Ones.

A new home

To complete this mission we must take our settlement to the maximum level. To do this, we will have to loot the monasteries that are necessary until we get all the materials that are required for each of the buildings. Of course, we advise you to prioritize the stable and the aviary, since having a mount will make it much easier for us to explore the English lands

The alliance map

This mission will begin when we speak with Randvi, who is in the longhouse. During the conversation, we must decide if we are more interested in pledging allegiance first, if Cambridgeshire or Leicestershire is up to the player.

In our case, we opted for Leicestershire, so we blocked the mission The Children of Ragnar. Thus, we will complete the chapter.

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