Rough Awakening and A Cruel Fate by AC Valhalla

We explain how to complete Rough Awakening and A Cruel Fate in Assassin's Creed Valhalla at 100% to complete the game and get Platinum.

We come to the third part of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a chapter full of action and battles. To help you locate some enemies that may go unnoticed, and as part of this complete guide, we bring you a series of guidelines and tips to complete the episode. We also remind you that if you want to complete 100% of the title, you can visit our list of all the Achievements and Trophies of the new Ubisoft title. We started!

Abrupt awakening

As the name suggests, the start of this mission will be abrupt. As soon as we wake up, we will have to assassinate the Kjotve spy who startled us, and then search for his allies. To detect them, we will have to use our raven to detect the spy camp at the top of the southern mountain adjacent to the settlement

Once we reach their camp, we will have to kill two enemies that should not give us much trouble in battle. Afterwards, we will return to Sigurd to tell him what happened.

The next step will be to loot Kjotve's supplies, for which we will have to put to sea until we reach Nottfall. When we disembark at the objective, we will search for the four enemy supply tanks and burn them. To do this, we will have to shoot an arrow at the red pots that are close to them, which will cause a small but effective fire. When we're done, we'll meet Sigurd, Guthorm the Wise, and King Harald at the dock. Conversing with these characters will end the Rough Awakening mission and initiate A Cruel Fate.

A cruel fate

We will start this mission in Florli, where (as is customary) we will have to speak with Sigurd. This will be in the watchtower, and on the way we can take advantage of it to loot some teeth and a little silver from the enemy corpses. During the conversation, we can decide if we are ready to fight Kjotve for good.

Not much preparation for battle will be necessary. If we carry enough berries to have a healing charge, it should be enough. During the duel we must try at all costs to dodge their attacks, which are slow but powerful. The rest of the time we can devote ourselves to hitting him with our ax until we finish him off.

After a few cinematics, we will have to besiege the enemy fortress. With the help of the stairs that our companions will place, we will sneak into it and go to the door to open it with the ax. To do the same with the second door, we will have to surpass the Bringer of misfortune, an enemy with enough damage against which we must be careful. Once his body has been looted, we can climb through the door and, once inside, break the plank with the ax.

The next step will be to enter the temple to face Gorm. When we do it, it will lock us up, so we will have to climb the wooden structures to get out through the roof. Right at that moment, we will see it on the horizon. After talking with Sigurd, how could it be otherwise, we will have finished the mission and the third chapter of the game.

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