Natural law chapter 4 of AC Valhalla

The fourth episode of the latest Ubisoft installment takes place very interesting events

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Natural law

As soon as the chapter begins, we will gallop towards Alreksrad. It will be a long but safe road during which we can enjoy the snowy landscape. We can even chat with some endearing children we meet on the way, fight wild animals and collect some supplies as we go. At our destination, we must find and speak with Sigurd. It will be in the cabin next to the drinking competitions in the area, where you can entertain yourself if you have enough money to bet.

After a cinematic, Basim will teach us some techniques that will allow us not to stand out when it does not suit us. Once we have covered ourselves with our cape, it will be time to approach Gorm's campaign with the aim of peeking through the door without being detected.

After having exchanged a few words with the character, we will return to Sigurd, who is in a building in the highest area of the place. During the next scene, Gorm's fate will remain in our hands: kill him, exile him, or leave his future in the hands of the king. Regardless of what we decide, the king will have the last word on it. We will have some more dialogue options throughout the cinematic, but the answer is entirely up to you.

Once the scene is finished, we can close the mission and the chapter. In the next few bars of the game, curves, great discoveries and important decisions await us, so don't let go of the controller and let's continue!

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